Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cycling-Day 75-Izu Oshima

Cycling in IzuOshima island.

Day 75, 377 days for cycling, total distance 23,809.7km, total climb 254,841m
Izu Oshima 21:18-18:30
Distance today 84.1km, climb 1,781m, duration 7:9, avg speed 11.8km/h, burned 2,072kcal
Today's route
418 days since injury, 387 days since surgery

I wanted to visit IzuOshima someday. I checked the weather and chose today, and booked the ferry a few days ago.

Departed at 21:18.

Careful riding to the ferry terminal.

Arrived at the ferry terminal in 38 minutes, an hour before the departure.
Taking the bicycle apart and put into a bag.

The ferry to IzuOshima, Salvia-Maru.

Boarding started just before the departure.

Large luggage such as the bicycle is stored here.

Special 2nd Class Cabin.

I settled down at the cafeteria, and took beer.

The ferry departed at 11p.m.

Rainbow bridge.

Tokyo International Airport Haneda.

Several flights departed.

I enjoyed the night view of Tokyo bay area from the deck.
Nice breeze. I would sleep here.

I came back to the cabin and fall asleep. The ship rolled a little in the night.

The announcement woke me up.

Nice morning view.

The ship arrived at Okada port.

First time to be in IzuOshima.

Departed at 5:13 a.m.

I saw some cyclists but I was the only one to go clockwise.
Nice view.

I found an interesting forest and stopped by.

Very unique trees.

Enjoying the coast view.

The road has may ups and downs.

I planned to go around the island first,

but decided to go to Mt. Mihara first.

The mountain is a volcano and it must be very hot in the day time. I should go trekking in the morning in cooler air. Also the restaurants I checked should be closed now if I go on.

This road is called "Hydrangea road", but the season ended already.
Oshima Hot Spa Hotel.

I should buy some drinks here before I go to the end of the road.
Finally reached to the highland and could see the peak of Mt. Mihara.
Nice view of Izu peninsula.

And Mt. Fuji.

Arrived at the end of the road in 1 hour 26 minutes, 17.5km from Okada port.
Now I go trekking to Mt. Mihara.
Continued to Trekking-Day 2-Mt. Mihara

I am happy to descend all the way.

Then came back to the island round road,

and ups and downs go on.

The entrance to Urasabaku, or backside desert.
I parked the bike and started walking.


Desolate view. I was on the ridge an hour ago.

Keep going on the island round road and now I see Habu port, the south end of the island.

Fudeshima, or a pen island.

This is one of the oldest volcano of the island, eroded for a long time.
I almost arrived at Habu port, but I got into a wrong road.
I had to go down on stairs with my bike.

The restaurant I wanted to visit at Habu port was closed today.
Habu port.

I rode on the west shore.

Mt. Mihara is covered with the cloud.

It was good to be there in the morning.
Geological section.

Arrived at Motomachi port.

My round trip is almost done.

The restaurant I wanted to eat lunch was also closed.
I took lunch at the port terminal.

Bekkosushi, or pickled fish with sushi rice, the local food here.

Oshima airport, on the way to Okada port.
Of course I use the ferry back but I just wanted to see the airport as well.
Then I stopped by a cafe.

Soft serve.

Okada port.

The round trip ended. 64km, 6 hours including the ascent.
Taking the bike apart and packing.

I just removed the front wheel on the ship last night, but this time I removed the both wheels for the highspeed jet ferry.

Egg pudding before boarding.

The ferry for returning arrived delayed.

The jet ferry cruising is boring, just sitting on the seat.
Arrived at Takeshiba port, and I assembled the bike again.
The last riding home.

The weather forecast called the thunder in the evening, but good not to get rain on the way back.

The riding was not easier than I expected but interesting riding.


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