Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cycling-Day 65-Tama River(Hamura Dam)

Riding between meetings.

I had a meeting in the morning and a tele conference in the evening. Get a riding during the time.

Day 65, 367 days for cycling, total distance 23,195.1km, total climb 248,618m
Tama River(Hamura Dam) 13:30-17:48
Distance today 96.3km, climb 388m, duration 4:10, avg speed 23.0km/h, burned 1,966kcal
396 days since injury, 365 days since surgery

Arrived at Hamura in 2 hours 4 minutes.

Then I realize I estimated a wrong duration on the way back.
I was almost unable to make it for the meeting in the evening.
I pedaled very hard, and came back home just 10 minutes before the tele conference. It's a shame I couldn't visit a burger restaurant as usual.


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