Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cycling-Day 70-Shirokane

A year passed after the surgery. A riding to the hospital to see the doctor, for a regular examination.

Day 70, 372 days for cycling, total distance 23,402.8km, total climb 250,248m
Shirokane 13:21-16:06
Distance today 15.3km, climb 226m, duration 0:55, avg speed 16.6km/h, burned 347kcal
405 days since injury, 374 days since surgery

Lunch before the examination.

The doctor told me his examination is over. To see the doctor 6 months later again, just in case.

The surgery here seems me a long time ago, but it was just a year ago.

I returned to the bike and found the front tire flat. I don't know why.
I had to change the tube in front of the hospital.

Then I had to buy a spare tire.

On the way back I stopped by a patisserie.


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