Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cycling-Day 72-Enoshima

Nice blue sky.

Day 72, 374 days for cycling, total distance 23,637.6km, total climb 251,423m
Enoshima 6:05-14:12
Distance today 122.8km, climb 673m, duration 6:34, avg speed 18.7km/h, burned 2,731kcal
407 days since injury, 376 days since surgery

Early departure. For the beginning my drink bottle got leakage. I had to check several times and finally found the lubber cap was not fit.

Arrived at Samukawa Shrine in 2 hours 21 minutes.
Due to the against wind, the duration was probably slowest ever.

I use a new knee brace. It works very well so far.

Turning to the south and I got the straight against wind.

I reached to the beach and turns to the east. Hope the wind changes.

After changed the direction the wind helped me to run.

Arrived at Enoshima in 1 hour 15 minutes.

A little slower than usual.

Mt. Fuji is far in sight. Looks blue.

Breakfast at my favorite cafe.

I wanted to have this pancake.

The way back was easy with the strong follow wind.

Stopping by a bakery to buy lunch.

I went home and left again for shopping.

In June I rode for 871km, close to a thousand kilometer riding in a month that I wanted. Hard to achieve.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Cycling-Day 71-Surugadai

A shared riding from Hacchobori to Surugadai.

Day 71, 373 days for cycling, total distance 23,396.6km, total climb 250,132m
Surugadai 16:26-16:51
Distance today 4.5km, climb 55m, duration 23:32, avg speed 11.5km/h, burned 124kcal
Gear: DoCoMo Bikke
406 days since injury, 375 days since surgery

I wanted go riding after work but the meeting ended in late afternoon. Arrived at Surugadai.

I bought a sport knee brace for bike riding, skiing and climbing.
I may also keep using the knee brace I have used, but I may need a spare one.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cycling-Day 70-Shirokane

A year passed after the surgery. A riding to the hospital to see the doctor, for a regular examination.

Day 70, 372 days for cycling, total distance 23,402.8km, total climb 250,248m
Shirokane 13:21-16:06
Distance today 15.3km, climb 226m, duration 0:55, avg speed 16.6km/h, burned 347kcal
405 days since injury, 374 days since surgery

Lunch before the examination.

The doctor told me his examination is over. To see the doctor 6 months later again, just in case.

The surgery here seems me a long time ago, but it was just a year ago.

I returned to the bike and found the front tire flat. I don't know why.
I had to change the tube in front of the hospital.

Then I had to buy a spare tire.

On the way back I stopped by a patisserie.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Cycling-Day 69-Okusawa

Today I attempted to go riding far, but it was raining in the morning in the south. Then the forecast called very windy in the afternoon. I had to gave up riding far. Buying lunch at the bakery as usual.

Day 69, 371 days for cycling, total distance 23,378.2km, total climb 249,863m
Okusawa 11:06-11:36
Distance today 6.0km, climb 67m, duration 0:30, avg speed 13.9km/h, burned 133kcal
404 days since injury, 373 days since surgery

It was very windy, indeed.

My bike was almost fallen at a crossroad. Very risky and the riding to the bakery was at most.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Cycling-Day 68-Misaki port

Departure in the morning.

I felt exhausted and almost gave up leaving, but encouraged myself to depart.

Day 68, 370 days for cycling, total distance 23,511.3km, total climb 250,629m
Misaki port 6:48-15:47
Distance today 145.0km, climb 901m, duration 7:12, avg speed 20.1km/h, burned 3,099kcal
403 days since injury, 372 days since surgery

I stopped by a bakery on the way.

Quick breakfast of "Potechi-pan" or bread with potato chips.

This was introduced in a TV program.

Arrived at Nobi-Beach in 3 hours 10 minutes.

Nice blue sky.

Arrived at Misaki Port in 3 hours 36 minutes.

Seafood restaurant.

Usually this place is very crowded and sometimes I cannot get in, but today I could take a seat here, as a weekday.

Tuna and yellowtail sashimi.


Then I enjoyed the nice cruising along the beach.
I cannot miss riding this place.

As the forecast called, it was strong south wind in the afternoon.
The south wind was follow wind and pushed me, as I expected.

Stopping by the favorite bakery.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Cycling-Day 67-Tama River(Hamura Dam)

Riding after a business meeting in the morning.

Day 67, 369 days for cycling, total distance 23,321.4km, total climb 249,223m
Tama River(Hamura Dam) 11:55-16:56
Distance today 100.1km, climb 395m, duration 4:19, avg speed 23.1km/h, burned 2,042kcal
399 days since injury, 368 days since surgery

The forecast called a strong southern wind in the afternoon.
I hesitated to leave but let's see how it will be.

I arrived at Hamura dam in 1 hour 57 minutes after the follow wind.

Best lap of this bike but the way back must be awful against the wind.

Burger lunch.

I couldn't eat this on Monday.

The way back was against the wind as expected but the breeze was cool. Not so bad.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cycling-Day 66-Kyoto

Hopping in Kyoto city.

Day 66, 368 days for cycling, total distance 23,143.6km, total climb 248,638m
Kyoto 9:38-13:54
Distance today 22.4km, climb 204m, duration 1:40, avg speed 13.4km/h, burned 574kcal
398 days since injury, 367 days since surgery

A year passed since I had a surgery of ACL.
I hired a rental bike for sightseeing, until a business meeting in the evening in Nagoya.

Heading to the north along Horikawadori street.

Nijojo castle.

Then I found Seimeijinja shrine on the way.

This star is a symbol of this shrine.

Egg burger at a cafe, for my first destination.

This appearance catches eyes.

Then I visited Kitano-Tenmangu shrine.

After the visit I walked around in the green maple trees.
Nice view.

Then stopped by a Portuguese cafe in front of Kitano-Tenmangu. 
Nice egg torte.

I ran across the city to the east to Heianjingu shrine.

This is probably the first time for me to visit.

Lunch at Shijokawaramachi.

Nice sandwich at a coffee shop.

Then I had a little time more to visit.
Yasaka jinja shrine.

Then stopping by a bakery on the way back.

Coupe bread was sold out and I waited for a few minutes to be baked.

Quick bite of this hot dog and went back to Kyoto station.

I got on a bullet train for Nagoya after returning the bike.

Nice sightseeing many places with the bike.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cycling-Day 65-Tama River(Hamura Dam)

Riding between meetings.

I had a meeting in the morning and a tele conference in the evening. Get a riding during the time.

Day 65, 367 days for cycling, total distance 23,195.1km, total climb 248,618m
Tama River(Hamura Dam) 13:30-17:48
Distance today 96.3km, climb 388m, duration 4:10, avg speed 23.0km/h, burned 1,966kcal
396 days since injury, 365 days since surgery

Arrived at Hamura in 2 hours 4 minutes.

Then I realize I estimated a wrong duration on the way back.
I was almost unable to make it for the meeting in the evening.
I pedaled very hard, and came back home just 10 minutes before the tele conference. It's a shame I couldn't visit a burger restaurant as usual.