Monday, February 19, 2018

Cycling-Day 23-Meguroku/abandon

Day 23, 325 days for cycling, total distance 21,766.9km, total climb 235,040m
Meguroku 12:08-14:33
Distance today 18.8km, climb 209m, duration 0:40, avg speed 18.1km/h, burned 413kcal
276 days since injury, 245 days since surgery

Today I wanted to go riding far, but it took to finish works longer than I expected. Then just going to buy lunch.

After lunch at home, I took my bicycle to the store to check the condition after the accident last week.

The stem was a little loose and the staff tied well.
But he told basically the bicycle will not be guaranteed after an accident. He issued a damage certificate. The bicycle looks ok but I will abandon this otherwise it may break while I run very fast.

The record of this bicycle:
Total duration: 393 hours
Total distance: 7,393.6km
Total elevation gained: 71,122m

Good work. Thanks for running with me.


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