Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cycling-Day 19-Takadanobaba

A short ride.

Day 19, 306 days for cycling, total distance 21,530.1km, total climb 233,685m
Takadanobaba 10:42-14:19
Distance today 38.7km, climb 35m, duration 2:17, avg speed 16.9km/h, burned 888kcal
267 days since injury, 236 days since surgery

I wanted to go riding far, but I overslept. Today the forecast called the strong winds in the afternoon and the rain in the evening. I was supposed to depart earlier.

Heading to Takadanobaba to buy lunch.

Kannana street seemed faster than the shortest route. But I got my front tire flat on the way.

The tire in the picture looks ok, but the tire got very limp.

I could arrive at the store somehow.

Bringing the Vietnamese sandwich.

I came home and ate lunch, and left again to the bakery to buy breakfast tomorrow.


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