Saturday, December 23, 2017

Hawaii -day 6-Home

Continued from Hawaii -day 5-Kailua.

Looks like the good weather today as well.
It's a shame to leave today.

Pick up time is 9a.m., and I wanted to eat Egg Benedict at Orchid before we leave.

A friend of mine asked me to buy an Hermes wallet late last night, but the duty free stores were already closed. I tried to find the stores in the airport, but there not so many.
You should finish shopping in the city.

The food and beverages at the lounge was poor.

The chance of a business class for private trip will not come soon.

Nice view of Waikiki.

The clouds were thick before landing, but we could see Mt. Fuji.

I planned to be relaxing and brought books and DVDs but I was busy for visiting sightseeing spots for the first time.
I shall return.


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