Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cycling-Day 36-Roppingi

Day 36, 275 days for cycling, total distance 19,368.0km, total climb 220,157m
Roppingi 12:27-12:52
Distance today 2.7km, climb 66m, duration 1:8, avg speed 6.3km/h, burned 108kcal
Gear: DoCoMo Bikke
165 days since injury, 134 days since surgery

Sharing ride again.

This port has many bikes.
Designated area to hire and return places bikes unbalanced.

I think the bikes should be more spread if the system allows us to hire and return at anywhere, like China.

Stopping by a bakery to buy my lunch.

Good for riding and hopping for business.

Only 25 minutes to Daimon.

Riding subway requires one transfer, and over 200 yen. Bicycle is much more convenient.


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