Saturday, August 12, 2017

Walking-Day 7-Yutenji/Nakameguro(10.3km)

Nice sunny day.

Day 7
Yutenji/Nakameguro 13:40-18:21
Distance today 10.3km, climb 69m, duration 1:50, avg speed 5.6km/h, burned 511kcal

I expected a cloudy and cool day, but it becomes sunny. It's getting hot.

Walking to Yutenji temple.

I get off/on and go through Yutenji station, but this is the first time to visit Yutenji temple.

I visited my mother and completed some matters.
It's already late afternoon, but good thing was the cool weather.

A new commercial construction under Tokyo rail trucks.

Then I walked along Yamate street.

I found a chain restaurant of Tanaka-Kushikatsu (stick deep fried beef).

It's more enjoyable to walk in the streets with many stores and restaurants.


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