Sunday, August 13, 2017

Walking-Day 8-Shibuya(15.6km)

Walking day goes on.

Day 8
Shibuya 11:44-15:30
Distance today 15.6km, climb 282m, duration 2:52, avg speed 5.4km/h, burned 769kcal

One of my favorite bakery was closed last month, but their chain cafe takes over some of menu. I walked up to buy it. Of course I could ride on train, though.

A sandwich house on the way.

I am interested in this place, but all sandwiches were sold out at the time.

Hillside pantry.
It's been really for a while since I came here.

I love this croissant. Love to have this again.

Shibuya was busy in summer season.

There was a long long queuing for an event of Minions in Harajuku.
Actually I came far beyond my destination today.

The bakery of my destination today.
1 hour half, 8km so far.

Just buy bread and return.

I wanted to try a burger here,

but the seats were full.

The sandwich house I stopped by on the way got new fresh sandwiches on the way back.

Passion fruit sandwich tastes good, but cannot be to go in such hot weather.

Late lunch at a burger restaurant.

Burger with beer. I don't drink beer often, but looks like a nice combination with a burger.

Ootori shrine.

I went through this place but this is the first time to visit.

The clouds approaching in the west sky,

but good to be back before it gets rain.


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