Saturday, July 15, 2017

Walking-Day 2-Jiyugaoka/Tamagawa(13.8km)

The first activity after surgery.

Day 2
Jiyugaoka/Tamagawa 11:19-14:56
Distance today 13.8km, climb 175m, duration 3:8, avg speed 4.4km/h, burned 612kcal

My physical therapist allowed me to go walking unless I get pain in my left knee.
Not sure how far I can make it, but let's see how I can.

45 minutes walking to Jiyugaoka.

The last duration was 30 minutes. It is much slower.

I got nice cake and started walking again.

The bakery as usual.

But the bread was sold out. The next baking will be 1 hour and half later. I will go around and come back again.

I just kept walking and reached to Den-En chofu.

Then I just went straight to Tama River.

Nice view. I have not been here.
It's nice enough for me to come here on my feet.

Marukobashi bridge.

It's a little strange to be here by walking, instead of cycling many times.

Coming back to the bakery just on time for baking.

On the way back home with the bread.

Cafe au lait in my neighborhood.

Good to know I can walk for 13-14km.


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