Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cycling-Day 19-Tama River(Hamura Dam)

Nice blue sky.

Day 19, 258 days for cycling, total distance 18,699.0km, total climb 212,388m
Tama River(Hamura Dam) 9:23-14:42
Distance today 102.2km, climb 170m, duration 4:26, avg speed 23.0km/h, burned 2,088kcal

It's pity that I cannot go hiking or mountain skiing, but the situation is better than nothing that I can go riding.

Ride to Tamagawa,

in 2 hours 2 minutes.
I did not give so much effort because of my left knee, but the duration was better.

Burger as usual.

And the favorite bakery on the way back as usual.

The Tamagawa routine as usual.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cycling-Day 18-Enoshima

Nice blue sky.

Day 18, 257 days for cycling, total distance 18,615.0km, total climb 212,348m
Enoshima 6:23-13:41
Distance today 120.3km, climb 300m, duration 6:16, avg speed 19.2km/h, burned 2,601kcal

I become confident of my knee, and I go riding far today.

Crossing Marukobashi bridge.

Arriving at Samukawa shrine in 2 hours 17 minutes.

Caring my left knee in slower pace, but the duration was not so bad.

Crossing Sagami river.

Nice view of Mt. Fuji.

It's a shame I could not go skiing there this year either.

The beach.

The swimming season is approaching.

Enoshima in 1 hour and a few minutes.

Breakfast at a restaurant by the river. I love this place.

I wanted to have a burger but the menu was too early.

Coming back to Marukobashi bridge after 6 hours 20 minutes.

And stopping by the favorite bakery again. I cannot skip this place either.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Cycling-Day 17-Fuchu

Going a little far.

Day 17, 256 days for cycling, total distance 18,439.4km, total climb 211,898m
Fuchu 11:52-15:39
Distance today 65.0km, climb 150m, duration 3:20, avg speed 19.5km/h, burned 1,343kcal

Nice day for riding. Yesterday I become confident to pedal on both feet, and today I go further.

Tamagawa Cycling Road is better for my knee, as I do not have to stop often.

Sekidobashi bridge, in 1 hour 20 minutes.

The ride was slower than usual. I cannot pedal strongly with my left knee, and the higher cadence may stress on my left knee.
I may be able to go further to Hamura, but I have to be 100% sure to return without carrying my bicycle by train, which is not possible with my knee.

I went to a bakery that I watched in TV program,

but this was a different one.

Then I could not go through the favorite bakery.

I was not satisfied with the pace and distance today, but it was much better than riding on a fitness bike in a gym.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Cycling-Day 16-Okusawa

A routine ride to my favorite bakery.

Day 16, 255 days for cycling, total distance 18,319.2km, total climb 211,697m
Okusawa 11:47-14:06
Distance today 9.9km, climb 99m, duration 0:44, avg speed 13.2km/h, burned 218kcal

It's a shame not to go far under such blue sky in good weather.
I can put my both feet on pedals.
The left knee is not strong for pedaling yet, but it is much better to put both pedals.

Good to be here, as my best favorite bakery.

Came back home and went out to the post office in 4km for round trip.
Feeling confident to go further.