Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ski day 73 at Tateyama

Forced termination of the season.

Season Day 73,  Powder 39 days, Backcountry 26 days, Telemark 10 days
Tateyama 9:24-12:19
Gear:Teneighty GUN+Dynafit Beast
Distance today 5.3km, climb 439m, duration 3:03, avg speed 1.7km/h, burned 613kcal

Leaving Hakuba at 4:30.

It's already light as the day time becomes longer.

Arriving at Tateyama in 2 hours and a few minutes.

The ticketing queue was already longer.
The tram ticket was designated at 7:50, while we wanted to catch 7:20.

Yukino-ohtani, a deep snow valley.

I could not take a picture at the deepest point.

Tateyama, it's been a month since the last time.

The ridges have lost snow.

Climbing to Mt. Jodo in 1 hour, with boots walking for a short distance once.

Going down here.

The condition was good, but I fell down and rolled several times with one ski on foot in 50 meters.
I felt my left knee injured, and I could walk up to pick another ski, poles and sunglasses I felt, but I could not make a right turn.

I somehow walk up to Ichinokoshi on climbing skins,

and somehow descent to Murodo.
My skiing mate led me. I lost a prescription lens and I could not see the slope degrees well.

Forced termination. Sorry for early finish.

I saw a doctor, and he took MRI today. The diagnosis was anterior cruciate ligament tear.

Season farewell party in Hakuba, which I didn't expect.

The season ends in 73 days. I wanted more.


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