Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cycling-Day 12-Azumino(90.8km)

Riding under the blue sky.

Day 12, 251 days for cycling, total distance 18,277.5km, total climb 212,149m
Azumino 8:26-13:20
Distance today 90.8km, climb 950m, duration 3:43, avg speed 24.4km/h, burned 1,780kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Today I wanted to go mountain skiing but the weather seems unstable in the mountain.

I found an antelope in front of Seven Eleven along the national route.

Stopping by Seven Eleven to buy something?

Arriving at Daio Wasabi Farm in 1 hour 45 minutes.

Today I return here.

Eating Wasabi-Oyaki, or dumpling with wasabi radish.

Returning on the same way outbound. Beautiful young leaves.

Carp streamer on the river.

Brunching in Omachi.

I chose this direction to eat this today.

Aoki lake and Northern Alps.

Still much snow in the mountain.


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