Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cycling-Day 8-Tama River(Manganji ferry)

A little further.

Day 8, 247 days for cycling, total distance 17,907.6km, total climb 209,491m
Tama River(Manganji ferry) 9:40-12:37
Distance today 63.5km, climb 754m, duration 2:41, avg speed 23.7km/h, burned 1,290kcal

Today I made an appointment in late afternoon. I have to come back early, and not to go far.

Tama River cycling road got partially wider.
It became warmer and warmer day by day.
I took a windbreaker off and was wearing only T shirt.

Cherry blossom.

I return at Chuo Express way.

Stopping by the bakery as usual.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ski day 55 at Urahiyo

The window shield got frost in the morning.

The frost is annoying but it will be less and less in spring.

Season Day 55,  Powder 37 days, Backcountry 17 days, Telemark 2 days
Urahiyo 8:54-11:22
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Distance today 10.6km, climb 456m, duration 2:28, avg speed 4.3km/h, burned 742kcal

We go to Urahiyo again.

Today the forecast calls bad weather in the afternoon.
We hope we can do something before  it gets bad.

The slope we skied yesterday was fully tracked.
We found untracked slope.

The snow was good.

We climbed up and ran twice, but the visibility got poor.

Now the time to leave.

The south slope looks annoying.

Icy and crusty, but we could manage to reach to the trail.

It was a short activity, but better than not going.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ski day 54 at Urahiyo

スキー日記-54日目-ウラヒヨ まだまだパウダーシーズンか。
Season Day 54,  Powder 36 days, Backcountry 16 days, Telemark 2 days
Urahiyo 8:58-12:31
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Distance today 11.3km, climb 649m, duration 3:33, avg speed 3.2km/h, burned 878kcal

The trekking trail was empty.

The end of the season for this ski set will be approaching.

The south slope was partially hard to ascend.

We expected crusty surface on the north face after the snow fall on Thursday, but it looks good.

We enjoyed the good powder snow in late March.

Thanks for the ascending trail.

We repeated ascending and descending.

We shifted the slopes and did four runs in total.

We wonder the condition of the south slope.
We were afraid of phantoms but there was no problem on the south side.

We ended at 12:30 after four runs.

Visited Nou fisherman's wharf after lunch.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Cycling-Day 7-Yoyogi(16.0km)

A ride to a bakery.

Day 7, 246 days for cycling, total distance 17,796.7km, total climb 208,253m
Yoyogi 11:56-13:25
Distance today 16.0km, climb 270m, duration 1:1, avg speed 15.6km/h, burned 389kcal

Today I wanted to go riding on Tama River and I worked hard midnight.
I could not get up early after midnight working, and could not go riding.

A ride for lunch to a bakery.

City hall to stop by for a paper work.

A bakery, where I usually stop by on the way back from a long ride.

The ride was hard due to strong against wind.
It was good not to go riding on Tama River.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ski day 53 at Happo One/Hakuba Cortina/Hakuba Norikura

This will be the last time for early running in Riesen.

Season Day 53,  Powder 35 days, Backcountry 15 days, Telemark 1 days
Happo One/Hakuba Cortina/Hakuba Norikura 7:48-9:11
Gear:HEAD i.Supershape Magnum+Tecnica Cochise 130

Skiing down on Riesen several times.

The upper slopes were hard enough, but it was slushy and too soft under Usuba.
Then we moved to Panorama for several runs.

Ended as the lift got a long queuing.

After Happo, we came to Hakuba Cortina.

The roof is red, a bad sign for the powder.
This is probably the first time to visit without powder snow.

Hakuba Cortina/Hakuba Norikura 9:50-11:26
Gear:Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

We tried to ski from the North end of Hakuba Valley ticket area.

The chairlift #4.

It is a little busy today.

We skied down on courses we usually do not ski down.

Then we moved to Hakuba Norikura.

We just pass this ski resort and not skied much.

I jumped into a steep slope and felt something torn off.

The wire of telemark binding was torn off.

I somehow skied down on foot.
I saw many handicapped athletes in Happo for their competition in the morning, but I did not realize I had to ski on foot.

I had to finish the day with broken binding.
The cafes were all full and we could not get in.
Not a perfect ending.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ski day 52 at Shigakogen

Shigakogen again.

We departed Hakuba at 6:30 a.m. for Shigakogen.
My friend Tah-chan had never been there, and we wanted to show it.

Season Day 52,  Powder 35 days, Backcountry 15 days, Telemark 1 days
Shigakogen 8:40-15:30
Gear:Vector glide Camel Hump+Tecnica Cochise 130

Started at Ichinose Diamond.

It was snowing in Mt. Yakebitai.

Today we expected a warm and sunny day, and we did not expect this weather.

But the gondola lift was crowded with a long queuing as a middle day of national holidays.

It is totally different from a week ago.

Okushiga gondola lift was closed due to the strong wind.

We took a shuttle bus back to Yakebitai.

Yakebitai gondola again.

The queuing became longer.
We wanted to go around in Yamebitai, but we gave up and went back to Ichinose.

Lunch at Tanne.

It was gorgeous with a lunch voucher.

We went to Higashi-Tateyama via Nishi-Tateyama and Giant.
We took an 'eggy-gondolra' again.

This gondola was also crowded.

We were happy to take an eggy cabin.

We drove to Sun-Valley after Ichinose.

Several runs in Sun-Valley and Hasuike.

We tried cheese cake at Maruike Hotel, but it was sold out at the cafe on 2nd floor.
We went out but found it was available at the cafe on 1st floor.
Then we went back to the cafe but the cheese cake was just sold out. How unfortunate.

We enjoyed the second visit in Shigakogen and were happy that Tah-chan enjoyed, too.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ski day 51 at Urahiyo/Happo

The frost on the window shield become less.

It's good to scrape easily, but it's a shame the spring is approaching.

Season Day 51,  Powder 35 days, Backcountry 15 days, Telemark 1 days
Urahiyo 8:44-10:12
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Distance today 7.5km, climb 281m, duration 1:27, avg speed 5.1km/h, burned 497kcal

Tsugaike is preparing heliskiing.

We went up to Urahiyo again,

but not sure how much the sun shine and wind affected yesterday.

Ascending was really hard on icy slopes,

which does not look good.

The north face was crusty.

We went back without skiing down to the north.

It was early enough that the slopes were still icy, and partially powdery.

Early ending.

It can be earlier than the heliskiing passengers.

Heliskiing was busy.

We got back home and out to Happo.

Happo 11:05-12:45

We ran on Panorama several times.

Hiyodori looks good, but it's appearance only.