Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ski day 45 at Happo One

Happo again.

I tried to catch the lift at Riesen but the parking lot was full.
I had to drive to Sakka to park, and then 10 minutes later than the lift opening time.
I could came to the top of Riesen at 8:00 a.m. though.

Beautiful clouds.

I was running at Riesen for an hour,

and moved to Panorama after the lift got crowded.

But Panorama got crowded too.

I came back to the car to change skies.

Happo One 9:45-12:40

Mogul skies for a session with my highschool mate and his colleagues.

We enjoyed mogul skiing.

Good to have bumps in Usagi.

Two runs at Kurobishi in the end.

I finished at the lunch time.

The parking lot at Sakka got muddy.

And this mud is mixed with bull shxt for grazing in summer and autumn.

Unusually I spent whole morning time for skiing. The total distance was 28km.


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