Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ski day 33 at Urahiyo

Urahiyo again.

Season Day 33,  Powder 22 days, Backcountry 10 days, Telemark 1 days
Urahiyo 8:59-11:13
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Distance today 10.2km, climb 463m, duration 2:22, avg speed 4.1km/h, burned 720kcal

The front window got frost in the morning. The temperature was minus 10 Celsius,

but it is going to be high in the day. We have to go quickly.

Reached to the ridge in 30 minutes.

We got the first track yesterday but it was gone after a big party came here.
Looks like Hieda #2 in Cortina.

We found untracked area and enjoyed the powder snow.

Good powder.

The approach to Oyasawa valley was also tracked much.

Looks like the ski resort.

My ring of the poles has gone.

The appearance was fancy, but the quality was not good.
It was a little difficult to ascend with a single pole

Super cell grows.

The forecast calls a bad weather in the afternoon.

Then we also enjoyed another north face.

And annoying approach to the end.

Arriving at Hakuba-Norikura ski resort at 10:50.

Today we did not drop a car, and walk back to Tsugaike.
There is a shuttle bus service but it is only 1.7km away, and actually we arrived earlier than the bus.

We enjoyed Urahiyo in two consequent days.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ski day 32 at Urahiyo

Season Day 32,  Powder 21 days, Backcountry 9 days, Telemark 1 days
Urahiyo 8:59-11:28
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Distance today 8.5km, climb 8m, duration 2:29, avg speed 3.4km/h, burned 659kcal

The first trip to Urahiyo in this season. The valley seems buried finally, and let's check it out.

Entering to the trail.

We walked up fast. The south face was rough due to the sun crust. Hope the north face is good.

Arriving in 38 minutes.

The north face looks good.

And it was.

We walked to the other side and skied down on the other north face.

This side was also nice.

The valley on the way back was not buried enough.

This route is perfect if the last rough part would not exist.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Ski day 31 at Happo One

Season Day 31,  Powder 20 days, Backcountry 8 days, Telemark 1 days
Happo One 8:10-10:20
Gear:HEAD i.Supershape Magnum+Tecnica Cochise 130

Today I was here for the first runs in Riesen, but I found I left my boots home.

Started 10 minutes later.
The upper lifts are closed due to the strong wind.

I just repeated in Nakiyama only,

And Usuba has some strong twist winds.

Runs in Nakiyama only for 2 hours. Really good job.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Cycling-Day 1-Okusawa(5.9km)

The first ride in the season.

Day 1, 240 days for cycling, total distance 17,734.9km, total climb 207,407m
Okusawa 10:45-11:10
Distance today 5.9km, climb 57m, duration 0:21, avg speed 16.3km/h, burned 126kcal

A routine riding to my favorite bakery.

It is really chilly. This is the first time to ride in January, I didn't know it is so cold.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ski day 30 at Hakuba Hill

BC short tour from home.

Season Day 30,  Powder 20 days, Backcountry 8 days, Telemark 1 days
Hakuba Hill 11:06-12:26
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Distance today 4.6km, climb 271m, duration 1:20, avg speed 3.4km/h, burned 347kcal

Today we planned a backcountry skiing in Hiyodori but the visibility looks poor. We suspended the tour due to the bad weather.
I was not feeling well and slept again, while my friends went out to the resort.

I got up late and went out for a short trip.
Walking out on my boots and skins from home.

There were up and down trails.

The snow was a little lumpy.

Nice short exercise to the peak.

It's been for a while since I was here before, and bushes and trees have grown up.

The skiing was good with the powder snow,

but not worth to climb up again.

Walking home. Got feeling better after the exercise.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ski day 29 at Happo One

Good snow fall.

Season Day 29,  Powder 19 days, Backcountry 7 days, Telemark 1 days
Happo One 7:30-9:35
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Official Snow fall 30cm, Sarukura 12H 21cm

Coming to Happo.

We joined the queue of Alpen Quad but the service is suspended due to the wind.

We went down on Panorama and came back to see the condition.

We were almost about to leave, and the lift resumed.

Usagi bumps look covered with the snow enough.

We enjoyed the untracked Tanuki.

Moved to Kurobishi.

Skyline following Kurobishi was good. The bumpy terrains finally got covered with the snow enough, and the resort powder day has finally come.

Additional a few centimeters snow fall when I parked the car.

Hope it keep snowing.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Ski day 28 at Happo One

Season Day 28,  Powder 18 days, Backcountry 7 days, Telemark 1 days
Happo One 8:05-10:25
Gear:HEAD i.Supershape Magnum+Tecnica Cochise 130

The frost style has been changed.

The chilly air but without moist does not get frost. This is the condition I have been waiting for.


Nice cruising in high speed.

I went to Grat.

It was a great view, but the clouds came soon.

It became flat light and the time to leave.

Late breakfast at my favorite cafe.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Ski day 27 at Happo One

A guilty activity on a weekday.

Good snow fall in Hakuba village.

Season Day 27,  Powder 18 days, Backcountry 7 days, Telemark 1 days
Happo One 8:00-9:00
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Official Snow fall 20cm, Sarukura 12H 21cm

I parked my car at Kokusai and walked down to the gondola station, and
I found the gondola lift was not operational due to the strong wind.

I returned to Kokusai chair lift.

In time for the lift operation.

Panorama was separated for a competition, and I had to take another chairlift for descending to Kokusai course.

Great powder running.

I enjoyed two runs.

I got a work to do in the afternoon, and I had to finish now.

Attending to a meeting in Tokyo in the afternoon, and also a business diner. Thanks for the great utility of far transportation.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ski day 26 at Charmant Hiuchi

Heading to Charmant again.

Season Day 26,  Powder 17 days, Backcountry 7 days, Telemark 1 days
Charmant Hiuchi 8:30-9:50
Gear:BanYa M1102+Dynafit Beast
Official Snow fall 13cm, HiuchiOne 12H 0cm

The depth of the official scales looks few, but it snowed actually. Also the wind blew covered the tracks with the snow.

The queue is as long as yesterday.

The visibility was much better than yesterday, and we could enjoy the runs.

But the clear view allow us to go everywhere. The untracked terrain has gone fast.

Enjoyed skiing until 10 a.m.

Thanks for the consequent two powder days.