Sunday, December 04, 2016

Cycling-Day 50-Enoshima(120.0km)

(Hopefully) last ride to Enoshima.

Day 50, 238 days for cycling, total distance 17,837.2km, total climb 207,889m
Enoshima 7:11-14:31
Distance today 120.0km, climb 625m, duration 6:6, avg speed 19.7km/h, burned 2,602kcal

I could not get up very well and I had to energize myself to depart.

It is a sunny day, but the sun is low, and everything is still in the shadow.
It looks very cold.

Crossing Marukobashi bridge.

Actually I have crossed for three days.

The traffic signal cycles were very bad and almost one of three signals stopped me.

I believe I lost 10 minutes for this.

Arriving at Samukawa Shrine at 9:25, in 2 hours 7 minutes.

I recovered the delay of the red signals in the later half.

Crossing Sagami river.

Mt. Fuji is clearly in my sight.

Reaching to Route 134 and I found there was a competition of Shonan International Marathon on the road.

I could ran on the sidewalk but I cannot go fast by law.

There was a long long cue for the washroom.

Good luck, athletes! That's why I hate a competition.

"A day everyone gets happy"
This is the catchphrase of this competition, but at least I am NOT happy as I cannot run on the road.

The road was closed and could not cross, but I found a pedestrian deck to the beach side.

Started running on the cycling road.

This cycling road is rough and sandy. It is because I don't usually run here.
It is not the best option but better than running on the sidewalk.

Arriving at Enoshima at 10:50 in 1 hour 10 minutes from Samukawa Shrine.

10 minutes longer than the last time, but 10 minutes delay is better than I expected.

Enoshima was not busy. Is it early in the morning, or not for the busy season?

Mt. Fuji has a nice view here, too.

A burger for late breakfast or early lunch at the favorite restaurant.

This will be the last burger in Enoshima in this season.
Now I can end the season.

The pace was good enough on the way back and arriving at a favorite bakery at 14:10 in 2 hours 40 minutes.

And I also stopped by a favorite patisserie to buy a piece cake.
Full of aspects for ending the season.


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