Saturday, November 19, 2016

Walking-Day 2-Komazawa-wagyu-show(8.6km)

Today the forecast calls the rainy day which prevents me for riding a bicycle.
I walked down to Komazawa park for Komazawa Wagyu Show, a food event of Wagyu beef.

It stops raining now, but it may come again.

Day 2
Komazawa-wagyu-show 12:54-15:03
Distance today 8.6km, climb 92m, duration 1:23, avg speed 6.2km/h, burned 431kcal

Nice walking through the trees.

Arrived in 40 minutes.

6km/h. Good pace.

I am going to eat a burger.

Oumi beef burger.

The taste was good, but the tomato sauce was stronger than the beef taste.

Now walking back home.

I stopped by a cafe for coffee, and there was a meal with galette and coffee.

Good deal and taste.


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