Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cycling-Day 34-Tokyo short trip(36.7km)

A short ride after the work.

The day became shorter, but I wanted to go riding even for a short time.

Day 34, 222 days for cycling, total distance 16,575.5km, total climb 200,336m
Tokyo short trip 15:43-18:27
Distance today 36.7km, climb 605m, duration 2:27, avg speed 14.9km/h, burned 927kcal

The sunset at Hibiya buildings.

Sorry for people still working.

I returned amulets to Yushima Shrine.

Then I visited a patisserie nearby.

This is the one I have wanted to go.
I cannot bring fresh cakes from here all the way, and bought a baked one.
The cake is coated with chocolate and I had to move the backpack as the chocolate does not melt.

Tokyo Skytree in the sunset.

I was riding home with commuters.

It got already dark when I returned.

I cannot go further in downtown as there are many traffic signals but it was a nice short ride.


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