Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cycling-Day 38-Tama River

My routine in Tamagawa is also ending.

Day 38, 226 days for cycling, total distance 16,970.1km, total climb 202,966m
Tama River 11:02-16:38
Distance today 100.0km, climb 559m, duration 4:34, avg speed 21.9km/h, burned 2,047kcal

It seemed rainy in the morning and also it was very cold.

Departed at 11am.

It was too cold and I had to go to washroom twice on the way.
I have been running along Tama River but this is the first time to stop for washroom on the way.

The pace was not so good and it took 2 hours 8 minutes to Hamura.

The leaves have fallen and it looks more cold.

Burger at my favorite restaurant.

This will be the last, or the one to the last.

Cosmos flowers bloomed on the way back.

Patisserie at Oyamadai for some baked cakes.

The street is getting busy for Halloween.

Then I turned to Okusawa.
I checked the bakery as usual but the showcase was empty.

Nice sunset, for my season ending.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cycling-Day 37-Misaki port

To Misaki port, as my season end is approaching.

Day 37, 225 days for cycling, total distance 16,922.9km, total climb 202,816m
Misaki port 6:57-15:57
Distance today 152.8km, climb 969m, duration 7:10, avg speed 21.3km/h, burned 3,261kcal

The rain stopped. It is still cloudy, but now I go riding.

Heading to Misaki port, as my season end.

Route one was annoying with the parked cars and trucks along the road.

The ride was smooth and I arrived at Nagasawa beach.

The blue sky and the blue ocean with shining surface. Very beautiful.

The road was jammed along Miura beach.

Arrived at my favorite seafood restaurant at 10:25.

Enrolled to the waiting list.
Usually 8 groups are ahead of me but there was no waiting before me today.

Misaki port at 10:30,

in 3 hours half. Probably the fastest ride.

The attachment got broken and the head light dropped when the bicycle fells down.

I don't remember how long I used this. Probably it got too old.

I entered into the restaurant at 11am.

Tuna sashimi as usual, but I have to eat something different someday.

After the meal, the riding goes on.

My favorite riding along the beach.

This is a famous egg pudding store.

I always want to stop by, but it is too close from Misaki port to be hungry after eating tuna.

The sky got cloudy, but still I enjoyed riding.

Today it was cold and I did not finish my drink bottle.

This is the convenience store I always stop.

But today it is cold and I was not thirsty or hungry. This is the first time to go through.

I came home just 8 hours after I departed, much earlier than I expected.
Good riding for the season ending stage.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Cycling-Day 36-Tokyo short trip

Day 36, 224 days for cycling, total distance 16,623.1km, total climb 200,936m
Tokyo short trip 11:18-11:49
Distance today 5.8km, climb 57m, duration 0:22, avg speed 15.6km/h, burned 128kcal

Today I wanted to go riding for a long distance, but the forecast called raining in the afternoon.

Heading to the favorite bakery before it gets rain.

I am glad to see full of bread in the showcase.

As soon as I came home, it starts raining.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cycling-Day 35-Azumino

Color leaves come to the village.

Day 35, 223 days for cycling, total distance 16,684.2km, total climb 201,913m
Azumino 11:04-14:33
Distance today 72.7km, climb 1,091m, duration 2:45, avg speed 26.3km/h, burned 1,401kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

I was exhausted in these days and could not get up early.
Departed late.

It was not the perfect blue sky but the summits were clear.

It is very cold.

I enjoyed the color leaves in the mountain.

The ride was very smooth and reached at Renge bridge in 1 hour.

This route is very comfortable and I like it, but it becomes colder.

Arriving at a favorite bakery in less than 1 hour and half.

I rode 37.5km for the breads.

Relaxing lunch.

I bought some breads and returned.

A cafe on the way back.

There are many funny English signboards in Japan. This is one of them.
The cafe says "GO AWAY". Yes I do.

Mt. Eboshi, I walked in August, is behind the ridges.

Returning with the views of color leaves.

The riding departed late but I ran fast, for 2 hours 45 minutes for 72km.
The average speed was the best one ever.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cycling-Day 34-Tokyo short trip(36.7km)

A short ride after the work.

The day became shorter, but I wanted to go riding even for a short time.

Day 34, 222 days for cycling, total distance 16,575.5km, total climb 200,336m
Tokyo short trip 15:43-18:27
Distance today 36.7km, climb 605m, duration 2:27, avg speed 14.9km/h, burned 927kcal

The sunset at Hibiya buildings.

Sorry for people still working.

I returned amulets to Yushima Shrine.

Then I visited a patisserie nearby.

This is the one I have wanted to go.
I cannot bring fresh cakes from here all the way, and bought a baked one.
The cake is coated with chocolate and I had to move the backpack as the chocolate does not melt.

Tokyo Skytree in the sunset.

I was riding home with commuters.

It got already dark when I returned.

I cannot go further in downtown as there are many traffic signals but it was a nice short ride.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cycling-Day 33-Kurobishi

Beautiful view of Hakuba summits.

Day 33, 221 days for cycling, total distance 16,527.1km, total climb 199,940m
Kurobishi 13:32-15:24
Distance today 25.1km, climb 814m, duration 1:44, avg speed 14.5km/h, burned 630kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

The forecast calls the good weather today.
It was an idea to go to Mt. Karamatsu again, but I attempted to go riding instead.

I could not get up this morning after busy days and slept late.

In the late morning we drove to Kurobishi.

Enjoying the good view again.

Tarte Tatin at Coffee Senjyu.

I wanted to relax in the afternoon, but the good weather brought me out.

Nice sun lay.

Still beautiful Hakuba summits.

Arriving at Kurobishi in 1 hour 10 minutes.

Good duration for this bike.

But the descent was really cold.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trekking-Day 15-Mt. Karamatsu

Perfect blue sky.

The walk at Northern Japan Alpine mountains will be ending soon.

Day 15
Mt. Karamatsu 7:33-12:18
Distance today 14.4km, climb 1,335m, duration 4:30, avg speed 3.2km/h, burned 1,164kcal
Today's route
CAUTION! The duration in this article is due to my experiences and physical strength, and much shorter than the standard course time. Please plan by yourself considering your own experiences and physical strength when you plan to walk the course.

Hakuba after a month absence.
Today I go to Mt. Karamatsu.

The car roof got frost.

It is really cold.

I drove to Kurobishi for the chairlift opening time, but I realized it was too cold to sit on the chair.

Then I chose walking instead of the chairlift.
Departed at 7:33.

Frost on the boardwalk.

At HappoIke hut at 8:02, in 30 minutes walk.
The duration should be same as taking the chairlift due to the waiting time.

At Happoike lake at 8:29.

The perfect reflection of Hakuba summits.

The leaves fell and the view looks like the one we are familiar with.
We just wait for the snow fall.

At Ougi snow valley at 8:56,

but the snow has gone at all.

The snowy trail at Maruyama peak.

I am happy to walk on the snow.

At Karamatsudake hut at 9:25, in 1 hour 23 minutes.

Arriving at the peak at 9:34, I could not make it in 1 hour half either.
The total duration was 2 hours.

I met trail runners also arriving in 2 hours.

Mt. Tsurugi has the unchanged magnificent view.

The snow still remains on the north face.

Mt. Yarigatake is far in the sight,

and Yatsugatake peaks and Mt. Fuji are also further in the sight.

I really enjoyed the great panoramic view, and started descending.

The first descending on the snow.

I had to wait for the ascending people all the time.

Perhaps standing longer time than walking.

Yakeyama volcano fumed for a short time.

There was a video shooting for a drama.

Annoying downtrail of Grat.

Skiing requires just a few seconds.

Coming back to Kurobishi at 12:18. Descent should take more than 2 hours.
The sky was perfect all the time for the trekking.

Sightseeing in Obuse in the afternoon.

It was busy for an event.

We enjoyed a relaxing time at a traditional tea house with Japanese sweets.