Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cycling-Day 30-Tama River DNF

Two tires got flat and DNF.

Day 30, 218 days for cycling, total distance 16,420.0km, total climb 197,083m
Tama River DNF 9:18-14:28
Distance today 76.0km, climb 93m, duration 3:15, avg speed 23.3km/h, burned 1,557kcal

The sunny day comes back after long long rainy days.

I wanted to go riding for a long distance, but I got something to work.
I chose Tama River as my routine for a quick ride.

Marukobashi bridge.

Today the cycling road was still wet partially and there were many people running, walking and cycling. I had to go and stop many times, which slowed me down.

Smooth ride in the final stage.

The blue sky after the long rainy days.

I arrived at Hamura in 2 hours 1 minutes, as my best wrap in the weekend.
I thought it would be slower due to the many people on the road.

Burger as usual.

On the way back I had to avoid a bicycle tottering, and I got out of the road.
I hit both wheels on the rocks aside.

I had a really bad feeling and indeed. My both tires got flat.
I am carrying a spear tube but it is only one.

The place was still far away from my home, and I would have to change many trains if I had to go back.

I repaired the less damaged tube with patches and changed a spear tube for the serious one.

I could manage to recover.
I lost 30 minutes for changing.

However the repaired one got flat again after several kilometers.
I pumped, and tried to repair with the patches left, but I used all patches.

There was a bicycle shop 3km back, but the tires were ok at the time.
I should have bought the spear at there.

3km walking back is a long way, and I had better to finish riding here.

Extra runs after I got flat helped me to carry my bicycle.

Fuchu-Honmachi station, as the nearest one. I have to change trains only twice.

The train crosses Tama river just after the station.

The road I always run on.

Changing the train at Mizonokuchi to Oimatch line.

The next train crosses Tama River at Futakotamagawa again.

I got home at 3:30pm. It was faster than the bicycle but I was supposed to come home at 2:30 pm if I would not have got tires flat.
I wanted to buy bread and cakes on the way back but my total plan had to be changed.

I realized to carry two spear tubes.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cycling-Day 29-Tokyo short trip

A short ride to my favorite bakery between the rain.

Day 29, 217 days for cycling, total distance 16,273.9km, total climb 196,954m
Tokyo short trip 11:20-12:05
Distance today 5.8km, climb 57m, duration 0:21, avg speed 16.0km/h, burned 122kcal

Today the showcase has many pieces but the guests are also many.
I had to wait for my turn for 10 minutes.

It was disappointing to find a piece was missing to be supposed to be in the bag.

It is annoying to rain in every weekend.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cycling-Day 28-Tokyo short trip

A short ride to my favorite bakery between the rain.

Day 28, 216 days for cycling, total distance 16,268.1km, total climb 196,897m
Tokyo short trip 15:41-16:09
Distance today 5.8km, climb 57m, duration 0:23, avg speed 14.8km/h, burned 130kcal

Few bread in the show case.

Lucky not to be raining during the ride.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cycling-Day 27-Tokyo short trip

Ride in the rain.

Day 27, 215 days for cycling, total distance 16,262.3km, total climb 196,841m
Tokyo short trip 11:55-12:20
Distance today 5.9km, climb 58m, duration 0:25, avg speed 15.3km/h, burned 131kcal

I hate riding in the rain but I wanted to have some delicious food as I stay in Tokyo in the weekend.

I had a short ride to my favorite bakery while it stops raining.

Even for a short ride in only 3km, it rains again.
Good to have delicious bread, though.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trekking-Day 13-Nishiho-Doppyo

Great panorama view of Japan Northern Alpine mountains.

Day 13
Nishiho-Doppyo 7:55-11:10
Distance today 6.4km, climb 567m, duration 3:10, avg speed 2.0km/h, burned 605kcal

CAUTION! The duration in this article is due to my experiences and physical strength, and much shorter than the standard course time. Please plan by yourself considering your own experiences and physical strength when you plan to walk the course.

I wanted to go somewhere with stay in a mountain, but the weather will be very bad in the afternoon.
My climbing mate suggested me to go to Nishiho for a short trip.

Leaving Hakuba at 5:10 a.m.

It was still dark.

Arriving at Shirakabadai parking lot at 7:20 a.m.

This area is designated for trekkers.
I had to walk to the tram station for a little.

Mt. Kasagatake has its nice view ahead.

I climbed up there two weeks ago.
The view is too nice to believe the weather gets worse.

Shirakabadaira station.

I left Hakuba to get the first tram at 8 a.m., but it started at 7 a.m. due to the national holidays.

Could see Mt. Yarigatake from the tram.

The tram took me to the upper station and I could start trekking at 7:55, 1 hour earlier than I planned.

Walking up to the ridge of Nishiho.

Cool trail.

Arriving at Nishihosanso hut at 8:30.
I have stayed here 10 years ago for mountain skiing.

Keep going forward.

I have 360 great panorama view all the way.
I could see even Mt. Fuji.

Rock climbing just before Doppyo, my destination today.

Arriving at Doppyo at 9:07,

in 1 hour 10 minutes while the standard duration was 2 hours 45 minutes.

The trail goes on.

I wanted to try to be at Nishiho peak, but the standard duration requires 2 hours further.
I cannot shorten to the half, and the weather gets worse.
Now I will return here as I planned.

Mt. Kurobegoro behind the ridge of Mt. Yumiori.

My climbing mate has walked all the way for three days and we meet at Shinhotaka.

I spend more time for the way back.

Too good to walk down faster.

Kamikochi area is just down on my site.

Nishihosanso hut.

Arrived at the tram station at 11:10.
I went up to the observatory terrace.

Hida-Beef skewer. It is delicious.

Fighting with Mt. Yarigatake with my skewer ("Yari" means a spear).

The terrace became full of the guests.

I drove to Shinhotaka to pick my climbing mate up.
It gets raining as the forecast called and I realize my decision was right to return at Doppyo.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cycling-Day 26-Tama River

Day 26, 214 days for cycling, total distance 16,314.4km, total climb 196,825m
Tama River 15:24-18:24
Distance today 63.9km, climb 100m, duration 2:51, avg speed 22.4km/h, burned 1,329kcal

I finished my job quickly and got a ride in the afternoon.
For a short ride Tama river is very convenient.

There are still puddles.

I reached to Chuo Express way in 1 hour 20 minutes.

Today I return here.
I cannot ride on the river road after it gets dark.
I wanted to leave earlier but I got a call for work.

The leaves fallen show the sign of the autumn.

There are many people carrying silver grasses. Today is the full moon day as a Japanese tradition.

I eat the rice sticky ball as a tradition.

A burger shop for my earlier dinner.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cycling-Day 25-Tokyo short trip

A short ride between the rain.

Day 25, 213 days for cycling, total distance 16,200.8km, total climb 196,749m
Tokyo short trip 13:39-14:50
Distance today 14.2km, climb 124m, duration 1:1, avg speed 13.9km/h, burned 337kcal

Today the weather is not good and I walked much enough yesterday.
I didn't attempt to go but I become hungry, and go out to buy bread.

A festival is going prepared.

I went to my favorite bakery, but there was no bread in the showcase.

I tried a new one.

Now I got some bread.

Good not to be raining.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trekking-Day 12-Mt. Utsugi

Doubleheader to Mt. Utsugi after Mt. Kisokomagatake.

Day 12
Mt. Utsugi 9:07-16:09
Distance today 18.5km, climb 1,907m, duration 6:37, avg speed 2.8km/h, burned 1,630kcal

CAUTION! The duration in this article is due to my experiences and physical strength, and much shorter than the standard course time. Please plan by yourself considering your own experiences and physical strength when you plan to walk the course.

Continued from Mt. Kisokomagatake (Day 2).

I was wondering where to go for the rest of the day.
My climbing mate suggested me to Mt. Utsugi.
The way requires 5 hours 25 minutes ascending, 8 hours 50 minutes for the whole trip with 1500m elevation, 15km distance.
The start time should be a little late and I was afraid if I can complete after some walk yesterday.

The trail entrance was under construction and I had to park my car much further below.

Leaving at 9:07, at 1180m elevation.

The trail entrance at 9:25.
Nice walking on the trail for the beginning.

The air was nicely cool.

The difficult zone of this trail, Ojigoku and Kojigoku (it means the big and small hell).

I go through carefully.

I reached to the ridge at noon.
Mt. Utsugi comes to my sight.

So far 2 hours 35 minutes, while the standard duration is 4 hours 10 minutes.

I was exhausted in the high pace and slowed down.

Arriving at the peak at 12:35, in 3 hours half while the standard duration is 5 hours 25 minutes.

Nice breeze.

It is strange to see Mt. Kisokomagatake and Mt. Hoken again, where I was in the morning.

I could walk on the ridge all the way from there, but the duration seems not so different.

Mt. Fuji is still in my sight.

I could not buy my lunch before I started.

SOY JOY, a popular power bar.
This is my emergency kit that I have always carried and the distance I carried should be more than 1000km.
It have given me the food safety but I have to eat now.

After 30 minutes break, I started descending at 13:05.

Nice trail walking.

This rock has interesting shape.

This mountain has interesting rocks on the ridge.

The difficult zone again.

Masenagi point at 14:50.

Nice trees and lights.

I took the hiking trail on the way back, while I chose the climbing trail for ascending.

Looks like a MTB trail.

Ikeyama hut.

Looks vacant.

Arriving at Ikeyama cross point at 15:10m in 2 hours 5 minutes while the standard duration is 2 hours 35 minutes.

There is a well for water supply.

Coming back to the trail entrance at 15:55, in 2 hours 50 minutes while the standard duration is 3 hours 25 minutes.

The down trail was comfortable which did not hurt my legs.
For the recent trekking the down trail hurt.

Finishing at 16:09.

The total distance 18.5km, elevation gain 1,907m, and the duration in 7 hours.
The total distance today is 20km including the trekking in the morning.
Good exercise.

I ate a brown-sauce cutlet rice bowl for the meal.