Friday, August 26, 2016

Cycling-Day 23-Tama River(100.0km)

The forecast calls the bad weather tomorrow.

Go riding Friday afternoon.

Day 23, 211 days for cycling, total distance 16,226.4km, total climb 196,499m
Tama River 13:58-19:41
Distance today 100.0km, climb 145m, duration 4:12, avg speed 23.8km/h, burned 2,055kcal

Leaving at 13:58. The air is a little hot.

The cycling road is vacant in weekdays.

I expected the best rap on the vacant road.

Arriving in 1 hour 54 minutes, for my best rap.

I did not make it less than 2 hours in the past. It is amazing to short more than 10 minutes.
I would never make as good as this rap.

There was a rock festival at Kanizaka park.

I did not know about this but I realized this is a very famous festival.

I stopped by my favorite dinner.

I could have the weekday menu, which I cannot take usually.

I left the dinner just before 5pm.
My shadow got longer.

I have to get out the cycling road before it gets dark.

Coming back to Keiokaku.

The sun is going down.

I could successfully get out of the cycling road before it gets dark.

It is good that the daytime is still longer.

I stopped by a Giant store to repair my rear wheel.

I had to wait for more than 30 minutes as two bikes are to be repaired before me.

I came home after it got dark.

Good ride for 100km before it rains in the weekend.


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