Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cycling-Day 11-Misaki port/Hydrangea(148.1km)

Seafood at Misaki port and hydrangea flowers in Kamakura.

Day 11, 199 days for cycling, total distance 15,231.8km, total climb 191,658m
Misaki port/Hydrangea 6:50-16:40
Distance today 148.1km, climb 630m, duration 7:51, avg speed 18.9km/h, burned 3,482kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

Started at 6:50.

It looks good weather despite of the rainy season.

Red signals stopped me a lot, and it took 1 hour 10 minutes to Yokohama.

Then the drive got smooth, and I arrived in Nagasawa beach in 3 hours 10 minutes.

Nice clouds kept the temperature cooler.

Arriving in Misaki, I wrote my name in the waiting list at my favorite restaurant, and went to Misaki port. Arrived at 10:35, in 3 hours 40 minutes, 70km.

However my name was way behind in the waiting list, and the next round would be 1 hour later.
I could not wait long, and tried the next one.

The next one was not busy, and I was able to be seated.
Mackerel sushi for my blunch.

Then I enjoyed the nice beach ride.

The beach houses were under construction.

The summer will come soon.

I went to Zeniarai Benzaiten.

It was crowded but I could go in quickly.

My credit card has been renewed and I wash it for my luck.

Heading to Meigetsuin temple.

This is a short cut and I have to carry my bike.

One day I want to go down on my MTB here, but it should be prohibited.

Meigetsuin temple was very very crowded to see hydrangea.

I enjoyed watching people more than hydrangea.

I could take some pictures, though.

Left Meigetsuin temple at 2pm.

The weather is getting worse.

I picked the paced up.

Tama river at 4pm.

Stopped by my favorite bakery.

Finally I got the rain.

I almost reached home.


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