Friday, March 18, 2016

Ski day 44 at Happo One

Season Day 44,  Powder 27 days, Backcountry 20 days, Telemark 2 days
Happo One 8:30-11:40
Gear:HEAD i.Supershape Magnum+SCARPA FREEDOM

Happo as usual.
I attempted to come from the beginning but I could not wake up in time.
I am late 30 minutes.

The snow became very thin at the Kokusai chairlift.

Nice weather.

It is not busy here as a weekday.

I am reading a newspaper.

Riesen for the beginning.

It is a nice day. I went to Grat for the view.

And came back to Riesen.

Nakiyama slope is closed.

I went to Skyline.

I was running in a good pace, but I fell down with an unknown gap.

I got my carbon pole broken.
It was a shock to me to fall down, and break the pole.

I went down on Kokusai for ending.

Kokusai should be closed in this weekend.


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