Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ski day 49 at Happo BC

The frost on the window shield.

This will be the last chance to see.

Season Day 49,  Powder 28 days, Backcountry 22 days, Telemark 4 days
Happo BC 9:25-14:10

Today we walk up on Happo.

Many parties were climbing as well.

Nice weather.

The ridge was not so frozen than we were afraid.

Nice view of three summits.

There is no snow on the ridge along Happo-ike lake.

The south face looked still frozen, and we tried the north face, but it was really hard.

We gave up and walked up to the ridge again.

Now we go down on the south face.

The snow was a little stop-snow, but it was good enough.

We walked up to the ridge again,

And we could enjoy the perfect film crust.

After enjoying the backcountry skiing, we have to go down in the resort, which is really annoying.

It's good to see Chris enjoyed for two days.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ski day 48 at Okuhiyo

It's been a month since we went BC skiing.

Season Day 48,  Powder 28 days, Backcountry 21 days, Telemark 4 days
Okuhiyo 9:50-13:35

A tram has been available.

It was crowded.

Today we are accompanied with Chris, coming from the US.

It's been for a while since we met last time.

Sakura-mochi, or a sticky rice pudding with cherry blossom flavor.

We go down to this place as usual.

The condition was the powder snow enough.

This would be the last powder in this season.

We go back through Urahiyo.

We got nice views all the day.

The south side was not so bad as we expected.

The last part at Tsugaike has lost the snow.

It was a good tour that Chris enjoyed.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ski day 47 at Happo One

Season Day 47,  Powder 27 days, Backcountry 20 days, Telemark 4 days
Happo One 10:35-12:35
Gear:Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

Happo as usual.
I went there by bicycle as the parking lots nearby become fewer.

The upper part has poor visibility.

The trees get frost and look winter back.


I go further to Skyline in such poor visibility.

Totally white.

I have myodesopsia, and can see floaters much better than the trails.

The view recovered in lower part and I went to Happo Banks for the last day.

But I did only one ride as the lift was very crowded.

And I repeated in Panorama.

Going down on Riesen for my way back.

Now the blue sky comes out.

Shirakaba course looks closed.

It seems soon the day comes when we cannot ski down to the base.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ski day 46 at Happo One

Season Day 46,  Powder 27 days, Backcountry 20 days, Telemark 3 days
Happo One 8:10-11:00
Gear:HEAD i.Supershape Magnum+SCARPA FREEDOM

I woke up and found it was thick fog.

The snow has gone at Nakiyama.

Usagi. Foggy as we expected.

Panorama, foggy too.

Skyline was also foggy.

But the lift got crowded.

Time to leave.

Riesen has few snow. It will end in March.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ski day 45 at Happo One

Season Day 45,  Powder 27 days, Backcountry 20 days, Telemark 3 days
Happo One 10:10-11:05
Gear:Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

Rainy day. I knew it, but it was not heavy at home, and I went skiing.

It WAS raining on the chairlift.

I cannot sit down.

Going down on Riesen.

The ground appears.

I took the gondola lift avoiding the rain.

Usagi. The sun appears, but trickily, it's still raining.
I may end now.

The snow has gone at the parking lot at Kokusai.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Ski day 44 at Happo One

Season Day 44,  Powder 27 days, Backcountry 20 days, Telemark 2 days
Happo One 8:30-11:40
Gear:HEAD i.Supershape Magnum+SCARPA FREEDOM

Happo as usual.
I attempted to come from the beginning but I could not wake up in time.
I am late 30 minutes.

The snow became very thin at the Kokusai chairlift.

Nice weather.

It is not busy here as a weekday.

I am reading a newspaper.

Riesen for the beginning.

It is a nice day. I went to Grat for the view.

And came back to Riesen.

Nakiyama slope is closed.

I went to Skyline.

I was running in a good pace, but I fell down with an unknown gap.

I got my carbon pole broken.
It was a shock to me to fall down, and break the pole.

I went down on Kokusai for ending.

Kokusai should be closed in this weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ski day 43 at Happo One

Season Day 43,  Powder 27 days, Backcountry 20 days, Telemark 2 days
Happo One 8:45-12:50
Gear:HEAD i.Supershape Magnum+SCARPA FREEDOM

Day 2 with my school mates.
Today we come to Happo.

Sakka area has very few snow.

Nice view of Hakuba summits.

We did on Skyline several times,
and went to Grat.

Today Happo has a technical competition as usual.

Then we went to Riesen but the snow was very rough like sand.

We enjoyed a-half-day runs until noon.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ski day 42 at Hakuba47/Goryu

Season Day 42,  Powder 27 days, Backcountry 20 days, Telemark 2 days
Hakuba47/Goryu 9:10-15:50

Today I went to Hakuba 47 with my school mate.
It's been over 25 year since we skied together.

A sampling event at the gondola station.

I was very much interested in these powder skies but today I skied on my regular ski sets.

It was basically sunny but it was very cold in the shadow.

Lunch at Luis.

And skied in the afternoon again.

It's been a long time to ski all the day.