Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Walking-Day 4-Kawasaki(15.9km)

Walk back home after watching Star Wars in Kawasaki.

Day 4
Kawasaki 15:19-18:00
Distance today 15.9km, climb 156m, duration 2:31, avg speed 6.3km/h, burned 824kcal

There is few snow in ski resorts.
It is too cold to ride on bike in the morning.
It is raining in the afternoon.
I wondered what activities I should do today.

"Walking back home after watching Star Wars"
is a good idea.

I booked a seat in Kawasaki IMAX theater.

The way from the theater to home is over 10km, good for the work.

Leaving Kawasaki at 15:20. It started raining already.

Reached to Route 1.

I run on bike here often.

Reached to Tama river.
Walking along street is not good for exhausting gas.
I walk on Tamagawa cycling road.

I feel strange walking here, where I usually run on bike.

Marukobashi bridge at 16:35.

1 hour 15 minutes, 8km so far.

I attempted to buy bread at a bakery, but

The show case was empty.
I walked 10km down here.

Then I walked through home and tried another bakery.

Finally I got bread.

The distance was 16km.


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