Monday, December 28, 2015

Ski day 9 at Tenguppara

A quick trekking to Tenguhara.

Season Day 9,  Powder 8 days, Backcountry 6 days, Telemark 0 days
Tenguppara 10:10-12:40
climb 500m, duration 1:30

Today we attempted Happo BC, but

The lifts were closed due to the strong wind.
We waited for a while but it did not open.

We moved to Tsugaike.

A long cue for ticketing.

And the long cue again for riding the gondola lift.

It was already 10:10 am for the start.

The south face of Mt. Hiyodori was

too bushy to ski down.

The ascending trail to Tenguppara was also bushy.

A quick access to Tenguppara in 1 hour.

Happo area is covered with thick clouds and looks windy. 

Looks nice.

It was a short trip but we enjoyed.

Good for descending to the bottom.

I had a work in the afternoon and had great dinner of grilled chicken.


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