Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ski day 12 at Happo One

Season Day 12,  Powder 10 days, Backcountry 8 days, Telemark 0 days
Happo One 7:45-9:50
Gear:HEAD i.Supershape Magnum

The cue for the gondola lift was shorter than the last few days.


Today there was no fresh snow. We stayed in the resort.

We did many runs on Panorama.
We did Riesen for just one run but there was a part with very thin snow.

Ended at 9:50 with long cuing for the lifts.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ski day 11 at Happo BC

Finally in Happo BC after two failures.

Season Day 11,  Powder 10 days, Backcountry 8 days, Telemark 0 days
Happo BC 8:20-10:35

The day before yesterday we attempted Happo BC but couldn't because the lifts were closed due to the strong winds.
Yesterday we attempted again but could not reach to the upper side due to the strong winds.
This is the third try.

It is still windy but we keep going upper.

Nice clouds sea.

The wind yesterday packed the surface very hard.

I could not walk on my skins and put the crampons.

On the first ridge we saw hard surface in South face.
Now we go down here and see the conditions

The other parties seem going further.

Now we go down.

The surface was hard but partially powder.

Going further.

Nice trails.

Looking up the terrain.

We were not sure we could go down to the valley, but anyway we tried.

The valley was covered with the snow.

but sometimes bushy.

And crossing the river.

I used a secret weapon for this but it was harder as my skies and boots were hung with the branches.

The last trail was also covered with the snow.

Great day in a short time.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ski day 10 at Happo One

Nice powder runs in strong winds.

Season Day 10,  Powder 9 days, Backcountry 7 days, Telemark 0 days
Happo One 9:00-11:10

Official Snow fall 30cm, Sarukura 6H 9cm

There was very few snow fall in the lower area but we expected some fresh snow around Happo-ike.

The visibility looked poor and we waited for a while.

Started climbing at 9am.

It was too windy up there. We gave up Happo-ike and skied down on Grat.

The first run. A little packed with the wind, but good powder.

Climbing again.

After three runs and the forth climbing, the winds got stronger.

It was blowing time to time, but it became blowing all the time, and hard to stand up.
We ended up in four runs, but we really enjoyed the runs.

We came back to the resort and found the lifts were being closed.

We made the right decision to end in four runs.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Ski day 9 at Tenguppara

A quick trekking to Tenguhara.

Season Day 9,  Powder 8 days, Backcountry 6 days, Telemark 0 days
Tenguppara 10:10-12:40
climb 500m, duration 1:30

Today we attempted Happo BC, but

The lifts were closed due to the strong wind.
We waited for a while but it did not open.

We moved to Tsugaike.

A long cue for ticketing.

And the long cue again for riding the gondola lift.

It was already 10:10 am for the start.

The south face of Mt. Hiyodori was

too bushy to ski down.

The ascending trail to Tenguppara was also bushy.

A quick access to Tenguppara in 1 hour.

Happo area is covered with thick clouds and looks windy. 

Looks nice.

It was a short trip but we enjoyed.

Good for descending to the bottom.

I had a work in the afternoon and had great dinner of grilled chicken.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ski day 8 at Happo One

A cold wave was supposed to come...

but the snow fall was few in Hakuba, with a few cm...

Season Day 8,  Powder 7 days, Backcountry 5 days, Telemark 0 days
Happo One 7:45-9:30
Official Snow fall 50cm, Sarukura 6H 9cm

A long cue for the gondola lift.

We got good positions though.

We arrived in Usagi and Alpen quad was already operating.

The powder in Kurobishi was good.
The official snow fall 50cm was doubtful but it was the powder indeed.

How awful the long cue for Skyline is!

The cue for the gondola also reached to the back of Shirakaba course.
Oh dear...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ski day 7 at Happo One

Got up early and checked the condition, but the snow fall was few.
Late start in the afternoon.

The winter view finally comes.

Season Day 7,  Powder 6 days, Backcountry 5 days, Telemark 0 days
Happo One 13:50-14:50

I got Alpen quad and went down to Kurobishi, but the surface was icy.

And this cue!

I joined Mr. and Mrs. M at Panorama and did one down, but

Panorama lift had also this long cue.

Descending gondola had also this long cue.

There are a few resorts available in main island Japan, and the courses are limited in Happo.
I have no choice but this is awful.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Walking-Day 4-Kawasaki(15.9km)

Walk back home after watching Star Wars in Kawasaki.

Day 4
Kawasaki 15:19-18:00
Distance today 15.9km, climb 156m, duration 2:31, avg speed 6.3km/h, burned 824kcal

There is few snow in ski resorts.
It is too cold to ride on bike in the morning.
It is raining in the afternoon.
I wondered what activities I should do today.

"Walking back home after watching Star Wars"
is a good idea.

I booked a seat in Kawasaki IMAX theater.

The way from the theater to home is over 10km, good for the work.

Leaving Kawasaki at 15:20. It started raining already.

Reached to Route 1.

I run on bike here often.

Reached to Tama river.
Walking along street is not good for exhausting gas.
I walk on Tamagawa cycling road.

I feel strange walking here, where I usually run on bike.

Marukobashi bridge at 16:35.

1 hour 15 minutes, 8km so far.

I attempted to buy bread at a bakery, but

The show case was empty.
I walked 10km down here.

Then I walked through home and tried another bakery.

Finally I got bread.

The distance was 16km.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ski day 6 at Happo BC

Beautiful Morgenrot in Hakuba.

Season Day 6,  Powder 6 days, Backcountry 5 days, Telemark 0 days
Happo BC 8:45-13:00
Distance today climb 900m, duration 4:15

A long cue for the gondola lift.

Grat course is completely done.

Today we go up beyond.

Many people were climbing.

Happo-ike lake covered with the snow. I went through here four times this year.

And Mt. Fuji far in the view.

The terrain we aimed today.

The run was really nice as we expected.

We climbed up to the ridge and did the North side.

Looks nice as well.

It was too good to stop in the middle.

We came too far to climb back.
The climbing skins were not working well on the icy surface.

The terrain we did for the first run was completely done.

Going back. It is not a good view the mountains beyond are not covered with the snow.

Good day, but we did everything in the limited opportunities.