Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cycling-Day 33-Mitake(126.8km)

Day 33, 187 days for cycling, total distance 14,066.9km, total climb 184,788m
Mitake 8:21-17:14
Distance today 126.8km, climb 350m, duration 6:13, avg speed 20.4km/h, burned 2,764kcal

The cycling season will be ending (and I hope so).
For the closing I finished "Enoshima routine" yesterday.
Today I go to Tama river as another routine.

Leaving at 8:21. The air is very cold. I took of my jacket but I had to wear again.

Arrived at Hamura dam at 10:53.

It took 2 hours half. I did not work well.

Today I go further.

I look down to Tama river from Mitake-ohashi bridge.

I used to be paddling here. The stream looks changed.

The ginkgo tree looks beautiful.

Kanzanji parking.

This place is where I parked for paddling a lot. Long time no visit.

I went to a barbecue party that I was invited.
I made myself full for the way back. Thanks for the great food.

Leaving Mitake at 2pm.

Hamura dam again at 2:30pm.

Washroom break before the "freeway" riding.

Beautiful color leaves along Tama river.


It is not appropriate to run very fast, but it is great to run for 35km to Futako-Tamagawa without signal stops.

Futako-Tamagawa at 4:15pm.

I did not touch my feet on the ground up to here without stopping.

I attempted to have a break at Seven Eleven where I used a lot, but it was closed.

Arrived home at 5:14pm.

It got dark today, too, but it was good I went through Tama river before the darkness.


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