Saturday, November 07, 2015

Cycling-Day 31-Matsumoto Castle(115.1km)

Day 31, 185 days for cycling, total distance 13,824.6km, total climb 183,221m
Matsumoto Castle 9:40-16:30
Distance today 115.1km, climb 1,279m, duration 5:0, avg speed 23.0km/h, burned 2,331kcal
Today's route

Good color leaves in Hakuba.

The destination today is Matsumoto. It is really cold here.
Leaving at 9:40.

The blue sky appears after I passed Omachi city.

It is getting warmer with the sun light.

Arriving at Matsumoto castle in 2 hours and half.

The colored leaves are also nice here.

Spicy curry for my lunch.

The way back was terrible.

My iPhone got frozen many times. Runkeeper or iOS could be making trouble.
I had to restart iPhone all the time.

And I got my rear tire flat at Kizakiko.

I lost 30 minutes.

I almost want to stop riding, but I had to keep running.

Nice color leaves make me comfortable.

My derailer became in trouble, and now the time to end the season?


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