Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trip in Europe -day 10- Sintra/Cabo da Roca

Continued from Trip in Europe -day 9- Lisbon.

Portugal, the very west country in Eurasia.
Then we have to go to the very west end of Eurasia, Cabo da Roca.

We woke up late and missed an hour to bring umbrellas to the hotel after we walk out.

Rossio station.

We go to Sintra for 40 minutes riding on the local train.

It is highly recommended to buy a one day ticket at Rossio station.

The train from Rossio to Sintra, the bus from Sintra to Roca and Roca to Cascais, and the train from Cascais to Lisbon, these are all inclusive. Also it is free for riding in Sintra town.
The price is 15.5 EUR.
I bought it at the window but it seems available at the vending machine.

Arriving at Sintra station.

The station building looks cute.

The toilet is available only in the gate, therefore the one day ticket works really well to go into the gate.

Sintra town looks also nice.

It is a shame we could not walk around due to the time constraints.

We took the bus 434 for Sintra spots, a part of the World Heritage.
One riding costs 5 EUR if you don't have the one day ticket.

The driver holds 5 EURO bills on his hand, looks like making big money for his own :-)

The bus goes up on such a winding road.

We got off at Castelo dos Mouros.

The old castle when Portugal was occupied by Islamic.

Nice view.

The ticketing office is further back, and you can walk for free outside of the castle.

We paid 8 EURO each for entry inside.

We could look down Sintra town.

There are some places frightening for acrophobia.

We did not go further up to the top of the castle in such bat weather.

We wanted to go to Pena palace (Estrada da Pena) for the next, but

We gave up in such bad weather.

We changed the bus 403 at Sintra station for Cabo da Roca.

Arrived at Cabo da Roca in 40 minutes.

There is almost nothing around there.

An information center at the bus stop.

We bought a certificate to visit the west end of Eurasia, in 11 Euro.

We walk down to the end.

A lighthouse.

The earth looks round here.

A tidal eddy?

The monument was busy for many tourists.

Stayed and looked around for 30 minutes and we took a ride on the bus 403.

We arrived in Cascais in 20 minutes.

Cascais is a port town with such nice mosaic pavement.

A beach like a diorama.

We go back to Lisbon with another line.

This train goes to the market we ate yesterday.

The monument of discovery is on the way back.

We went to the old city for dinner.

We chose this restaurant just for the appearance, and realized

it was Indian. The sign says "CALCUT" if we would see carefully.

It was not Portuguese but the taste was really nice.

We enjoyed the last night in Portugal.

Continued to Trip in Europe -day 11- Lisbon/Geneva.


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