Monday, October 12, 2015

Cycling-Day 29-Kurobishi(23.2km)

Day 29, 183 days for cycling, total distance 13,547.7km, total climb 181,362m
Kurobishi 12:04-13:54
Distance today 23.2km, climb 800m, duration 1:50, avg speed 14.3km/h, burned 712kcal

Today I attempted to climb to Mt. Karamatsu but it seemed snowing on the top.
I got a job to finish and I had to stay very late last night.
I could not finish the job and had to continue in the morning.

The time is already noon for riding.

I go to Kurobishi, as a short time exercise.

I found the leaves colored in Kitaone.

I heard the horns and stopped by Kitaone Kogen.

I stopped several times on the way with nice views.

It took 1 hour half because of falling due to the failure of the shift change, and stopped by for taking photos.

This could be the last time to come here.
Next time I must be skiing here.

Sooner I returned as it started raining.

Good ride with the nice view of colored leaves in such a short time.


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