Friday, September 04, 2015

Walking-Day 2-Ramen Jiro(14.5km)

Day 2
Ramen Jiro 11:51-15:40
Distance today 14.5km, climb 173m, duration 3:49, avg speed 5.9km/h, burned 618kcal

The rain in the morning stopped, and the blue sky comes.
But I went out for walking instead of cycling, as the forecast calls sudden shower.

Today I walked to Ramen Jiro, a famous Ramen store in Mita.

I arrived there in 1 hour 5 minutes in a good pace.

Ramen Jiro is one of the most famous ramen stores in Japan, located in front of Keio university.

Some of the graduates become 'juncky' of this ramen.

I have been there before, but it is a couple of dedicates ago.

The cue was not so long today.

In 15 minutes now I could have the one.

but this volume was too tough to conquer.

After ramen I went to Keio university campus.

And went home.

I heard the sound of thunder and looked back.

Thick clouds are chasing after me.

I could went home with out raining.

I thought the walking is a good excuse for eating Ramen Jiro, but it was still heavy enough.


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