Sunday, September 20, 2015

MTB-Day 2-Iwatake(11.1/241.9km)

Day 2, 19days for MTB cycling, total distance 241.9km, total climb 5,355m
Iwatake 9:50-11:05
Distance today 11.1km, climb 3m, duration 0:16, avg speed 15.7km/h, burned 64kcal
Gear: bis mojo HD

The "Silver Week", a national holiday week in Autumn.
We wanted to go trekking but the weather was not stable.
The campsites can be crowded and trails are busy if we go to the wrong time.

Then we gave up trekking and went for a MTB ride in Iwatake.

The trail is opened to the guest in this week only.

We had three rides.

The trail was technical with stones.


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