Sunday, August 30, 2015

Walking-Day 1-Jiyugaoka(12.4km)

I attempted to go riding on bike but the weather did not become better.

Day 1
Jiyugaoka 14:05-16:50
Distance today 12.4km, climb 22m, duration 2:45, avg speed 6.0km/h, burned 671kcal

Then I started walking in order to prepare for raining.

I walked to a famous patisserie for a TV program.

35 minutes, 3.6km.
I attempted to eat a piece of cake here, but there was a long cue.

Then I walked 2km further to another patisserie.

but all cakes are sold out.

Then I walked 3km further to a brasserie and could have a piece of sandwich.

I kept walking to another brasserie to buy a piece of bread.

Eventually I walked for 12km, despite of my original plan to walk to the first patisserie to eat cake.

Walking for 12km is nothing without carrying a heavy backpack, and without climbing.


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