Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cycling-Day 22-Karuizawa(190.9km)

A regular ride from Karuizawa to Tokyo.

Day 22, 176 days for cycling, total distance 13,139.2km, total climb 176,724m
Karuizawa 5:24-18:24
Distance today 190.9km, climb 830m, duration 13:0, avg speed 23.1km/h, burned 3,639kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

Today there is no chance to rain, and it is good for a long ride.

Leaving at 5:24.

Arriving at Tokyo station in 45 minutes.

Dismantling my bicycle and riding onto the bullet train.

The reserved seat was full due to the summer season but I could take a non reserved seat.


It is cool but much humid after the rain.

I visited my ancestors grave.
After visiting I just go home.

There was a favorite cafe but it is closed. Now I have no fun at Karuizawa.

Meganebashi bridge.

I keep running and arrived at Tomioka in 1 hour half.

Tomioka Silk Mill, a World Heritage site.

It was not so busy when I arrived, but it became busy after I took breakfast.

Kamameshi, or steamed rice in bowl at Oginoya, a famous one in Usui pass.

It is a little strange to have this bowl here, as this bowl is famous at Usui pass, I ran through an 1 hour ago.

I keep running in a good pace,

and arrived in Yorii in 2 hours.

I go along R140 and go into a bank road at 13:13. This road should reach to Tokyo all the way.

However the road was cut or bypassed where rivers merged.

The merit for a cycling road is to keep running all the way without stopping, but the demerit is that there is no convenience store where we can eat or drink.

There was a center house with vending machines and chairs at Yoshimi Athletic Part.

I feel better to see the tall buildings of Saitama New Urban Center.

Arakawa cycling road makes me exhausted as the no-changing scenery does not tell me where I am.

At 16:25 I reached to Todabashi bridge after running 50km. Now I turn to R17.
There is the bridge of the bullet train beyond Todabashi bridge, where I passed 9 hours ago.

I stopped by a bakery on the way home.


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