Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cycling-Day 15-Tokyo<=>Hakone(210.3km)

Severe ride to Hakone in the hot weather.

Day 15, 169 days for cycling, total distance 12,523.1km, total climb 171,480m
Tokyo<=>Hakone 5:46-19:25
Distance today 210.3km, climb 3,265m, duration 13:39, avg speed 20.6km/h, burned 4,652kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

Today I go up to Hakone. The forecast calls the hot weather. It is an insane idea to climb.

Started at 5:46.

Crossing Tama river at  6:16.

It is gonna be a hot day.

Arrived at Enoshima at 8:25.

2 hours and half.

The restaurant I tried last week.

I did not tend to cue, but I never come this place again as this long cue just after the restaurant is open.

Crossing Sagami river at 8:53.

Came to Ninomiya in the good pace.

Beautiful beach.

Hakone mountains comes into my sight.

This view makes me nervous that I have to go up there.

Hakone Yumoto at 10:19.

Fujiya hotel at 11:03.

Today it is really hot. I took some breaks during climbing.

At the highest point of the route at 12:04.

Finally arrived at Moto Hakone at 12:21, as my final destination today.

Seems like the same duration as the last time.

A pirate ship comes.

The air is cool and it is a shame to leave, but I have to go for the long long return.

At the highest point again, at 1pm.

I don't wanna climb any more.

How wonderful to descend.

At Oiso station at 2:56 pm.

I rode in a good pace, but I found the front tire getting flat in R134.

I pumped up, but the tire still gets flat.
I had to change the tube.
I am not good at handling tools and got some trouble. I lost an hour.

At Enoshima at 4:33 pm.

I have never been at such late time.

Yokohama station at 6:16 pm.

I could run in a good pace, but I came home at 7:25 pm, an hour late.

It gets dark.


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