Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cycling-Day 11-Misaki port(150.7km)

To Misaki port for tuna fish.

Day 11, 165 days for cycling, total distance 11,978.9km, total climb 168,400m
Misaki port 6:50-17:16
Distance today 150.7km, climb 1,914m, duration 10:24, avg speed 21.1km/h, burned 3,260kcal Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

Started a ride at 6:50.

Gonna be a hot day.

Mitato Mirai in 1 hour.

I had to ride fast after I passed a group in slightly slower than I.

Miura beach in 3 hours.

And reached to Misaki port at 3 hours 50 minutes.

Then I went to a restaurant for tuna.

That's why I rode in 70km without eating anything.

There are many names in the waiting list, but a single customer can enter soon.

Many people are waiting just before the opening.

Three assorts of tuna.

I was hungry but I became full with rich slices.

Then  I enjoyed the coast riding.

The waves look higher.

There were many surfers.

Came up to Enoshima.

Slumdank crossing. Today I could take a picture with the train.

I took a cake break at a patisserie.

There was a festival in the street and the street was a full of people.

I could not pass through, then

I chose a different road under Shonan monorail.

I used this road to the beach a long time ago.
There are many ups an downs, not good for riding a bike.

1 hour and half to Yokohama station.

Then crossing Tama River.

Came home at 5:16 pm.

Riding over 150km.


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