Sunday, June 07, 2015

Cycling-Day 7-Hydrangea in Kamakura(126.9km)

Looking for hydrangea.

Day 7, 161 days for cycling, total distance 11,782.4km, total climb 162,117m
Hydrangea in Kamakura 7:48-18:00
Distance today 126.9km, climb 1,346m, duration 4:48, avg speed 16.6km/h, burned 2,917kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

My bicycle season has come.
Today I go to Enoshima, and visiting sightseeing spots of hydrangea.

Started at 7:50 a.m.

A beautiful hydrangea was blooming just after I started.

Now I have completed my mission today!?

Marukobashi bridge to the West.

Running straight on Nakahara street.

Tanzawa mountains come into my sight.

It can be a good idea to go to Yabitsu on such a sunny day.

Arrived at Samukawa Shrine at 10:25.

2 hours half, 42km. Today the pace was not so good as I was stopped by traffic signals many times.

Crossing Sagamigawa river at 10:42.

Reached to Route 134 at 11:07.

Looking at Sagami bay after a long time.

Came to the beach.

I love this scene.

Arrived at Enoshima at 11:45.

I wanted to have breakfast here, but it seems too late to find a restaurant.

It is already busy.

Couldn't find a restaurant without cues.

I took snacks at a convenience store, and keep running.
I have ate nothing until then.

Heavy traffic on Route 134.

I am happy to run aside of the traffic.

Crossing point at Kamakura High school.

This crossing point is very famous for a Japanese basket ball cartoon, "Slumdank". It appears in its opening movie.
Recently many Taiwanese come here to see this.
The lady on the right looks Taiwanese, too.

Then I moved to Hasedera temple, a famous one for its hydrangea.

but it says 45 minutes to go to the hydrangea trail. No way.

Then I went to Zeniarai Benten Shrine, as I visited last year as well.
You will be rich if you wash your cash here.

I washed my credit card but it was replaced to a new one, then I have to wash the new one.

Then I took a shortcut to the next destination, Meigetsuin temple.

The short cut is a trekking trail. I carried my bike on my shoulder.

An MTB can go down, but it seems prohibited.

Beautiful hydrangeas just after the trail.

And another shortcut.

Very steep slope of Kamegaya.

Then I reached to Meigetsuin.

There were many many people.

Hydrangea was perfect.

Good to complete the original mission.

Then I passed by Tsuruoka-Hachimangu Shrine.

There were so many people.

Then I went to Hokokuji temple for the last place of hydrangea.

But there were few flowers.

Then I visited the grab of my mother's family line.

And visited a park I used to spend my childhood.

Passing through Yokohama Mitato-Mirai at 4:40 pm.

It was the heavy traffic here last year, but a new bypass tunnel has been built.
No traffic this year.

Crossing Tama river to Tokyo Metropolitan at 5:30 pm.

Beautiful sun lights over the river.

Coming back at 6:00 pm.

Today my log system counted the walking in the shrines and temples, which slowed the average speed.
Nice ride with a long distance.


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