Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cycling-Day 8-Tama River(5.1km)

It rained in last two weekends. This rainy season doesn't work for me.

Day 8, 162 days for cycling, total distance 11,787.5km, total climb 165,269m
Tama River 6:39-11:30
Distance today 5.1km, climb 3,152m, duration 20:24, avg speed 2.2km/h, burned 373kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

Today it was not raining. A blocked schedule was cancelled.

I got riding at 6:39.

Crossing Marukobashi bridge to Tama river.

The forecast calls not raining today, but there are thick clouds.

I am afraid if it will rain.

Arrived at Hamura dam for 2 hours 12 minutes.

Good pace.
I had quick breakfast and returned.

A new trail at Tachikawa park.

I had to ride on rough pavement before it is built.

Good ride between rainy days.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trekking-Day 1-Mt. Amakazari(8.0km)

Trekking with Chris-san's family.

Day 1 Mt. Amakazari 8:46-16:06
Distance today 8.0km, climb 948m, duration 8:0, avg speed 1.5km/h, burned 851kcal
Today's route

Today we went trekking with Chris followed by the MTB riding yesterday.
His wife Merrill joined us today.
This will be the last activity in Japan for them before they leave Japan to the US.
The snow still remains in higher mountains which require crampons. We chose Mt. Amakazari, for easy accessing.

The parking lot at the camp site has just been opened yesterday.

The parking lot has almost been full.

We left there at 8:46.

Skunk cabbage flower, as a typical one in this season.

The snow still remains on the trail.

We could manage walking without crampons.

After crossing the snow valley we reached to the steep trail.

And finally we climbed on the ladder.

We reached to the ridge at 12 pm, for three hours in slower pace.

We took a long break for lunch just before the peak, and arrived at the peak at 1 pm.

Today it was cloudy and the view was not so good,

The shape of the clouds is beautiful.

Now we started walking back.

This looks like the train in a hanging garden.

Walking down on the ladder.

It is steep.

We walked down on the snow valley carefully.

Arrived at the start point at 4 pm.

Good work.
The forecast called some showers at noon, but it was good it didn't.
We hope Chris's family enjoyed the last activities in Japan.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

MTB-Day 1-Matsumoto(11.7/230.7km)

It's been two seasons in Matsumoto for MTB since the last time.

Day 1, 18days for MTB cycling, total distance 230.7km, total climb 5,345m
Matsumoto 14:26-15:11
Distance today 11.7km, climb 0m, duration 1:30, avg speed 13.3km/h, burned 116kcal
Gear: bis mojo HD

The view of the regular trail.

Today we were accompanied with Chris-san, before he goes back to the US soon.

We are glad that he likes this trail.

We did twice, but we did not have much time to go for the third ride.

I was worrying about the condition after it rained last night, but the trail was dry and good to ride.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Cycling-Day 7-Hydrangea in Kamakura(126.9km)

Looking for hydrangea.

Day 7, 161 days for cycling, total distance 11,782.4km, total climb 162,117m
Hydrangea in Kamakura 7:48-18:00
Distance today 126.9km, climb 1,346m, duration 4:48, avg speed 16.6km/h, burned 2,917kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

My bicycle season has come.
Today I go to Enoshima, and visiting sightseeing spots of hydrangea.

Started at 7:50 a.m.

A beautiful hydrangea was blooming just after I started.

Now I have completed my mission today!?

Marukobashi bridge to the West.

Running straight on Nakahara street.

Tanzawa mountains come into my sight.

It can be a good idea to go to Yabitsu on such a sunny day.

Arrived at Samukawa Shrine at 10:25.

2 hours half, 42km. Today the pace was not so good as I was stopped by traffic signals many times.

Crossing Sagamigawa river at 10:42.

Reached to Route 134 at 11:07.

Looking at Sagami bay after a long time.

Came to the beach.

I love this scene.

Arrived at Enoshima at 11:45.

I wanted to have breakfast here, but it seems too late to find a restaurant.

It is already busy.

Couldn't find a restaurant without cues.

I took snacks at a convenience store, and keep running.
I have ate nothing until then.

Heavy traffic on Route 134.

I am happy to run aside of the traffic.

Crossing point at Kamakura High school.

This crossing point is very famous for a Japanese basket ball cartoon, "Slumdank". It appears in its opening movie.
Recently many Taiwanese come here to see this.
The lady on the right looks Taiwanese, too.

Then I moved to Hasedera temple, a famous one for its hydrangea.

but it says 45 minutes to go to the hydrangea trail. No way.

Then I went to Zeniarai Benten Shrine, as I visited last year as well.
You will be rich if you wash your cash here.

I washed my credit card but it was replaced to a new one, then I have to wash the new one.

Then I took a shortcut to the next destination, Meigetsuin temple.

The short cut is a trekking trail. I carried my bike on my shoulder.

An MTB can go down, but it seems prohibited.

Beautiful hydrangeas just after the trail.

And another shortcut.

Very steep slope of Kamegaya.

Then I reached to Meigetsuin.

There were many many people.

Hydrangea was perfect.

Good to complete the original mission.

Then I passed by Tsuruoka-Hachimangu Shrine.

There were so many people.

Then I went to Hokokuji temple for the last place of hydrangea.

But there were few flowers.

Then I visited the grab of my mother's family line.

And visited a park I used to spend my childhood.

Passing through Yokohama Mitato-Mirai at 4:40 pm.

It was the heavy traffic here last year, but a new bypass tunnel has been built.
No traffic this year.

Crossing Tama river to Tokyo Metropolitan at 5:30 pm.

Beautiful sun lights over the river.

Coming back at 6:00 pm.

Today my log system counted the walking in the shrines and temples, which slowed the average speed.
Nice ride with a long distance.