Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cycling-Day 6-Matsumoto Castle(115.3km)

Riding to Matsumoto Castle in the nice blue sky in May.

Day 6, 160 days for cycling, total distance 11,655.5km, total climb 160,771m
Matsumoto Castle 10:20-16:45
Distance today 115.3km, climb 1,027m, duration 10:0, avg speed 22.6km/h, burned 2,324kcal
Today's route

Now the bike riding season has come.

Today I go to Matsumoto.

Started at 10:20.

Alps azumino century ride is held tomorrow.
There are many signboard for it.
And also many cyclists.

To Omachi station in an hour.

I could see Mt. Jonen across Takase river.

Arrived at Matsumoto Castle in 2 hours half.

Today there are many tourists.

Lunch at Delhi with spicy curry.

No worries to sweat a lot on the way back.

Coming back to Matsumoto Castle.

Today Furusato-Gourmet-Haku, or County Gourmet Exhibition is held at the Castle.

The way back I had the strong against wind and riding was hard.

Hakuba mountains across Aoki lake.

Coming back at 16:45.
Today I am exhausted with over 100km riding.


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