Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cycling-Day 3-Tokyo cherry blossom(35.5km)

Seeking out cherry blossom in Tokyo.

Day 3, 157 days for cycling, total distance 11,513.5km, total climb 158,788m
Tokyo cherry blossom 15:24-18:55
Distance today 35.5km, climb 584m, duration 2:17, avg speed 15.5km/h, burned 920kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

I attempted to go to Enoshima in the morning but I had a work to do.
At last I finished it and started riding past 3pm.
I go seeing cherry blossom instead.

Kamurozaka slope.

A tunnel of cherry blossom.

Meguro river. One of the famous places of blossom in Tokyo.

Many people were gathering.

I stopped by at Meguro station to do, then

Zojoji temple.

And I went straight to Ueno.

Ueno park. I have never been here in the cherry blossom season.

I watch the news many times, but

I have now realized how busy it is.

Then I went to Chidorigafuchi on the way back.

The sun is setting and nice sun lays come through the blossom.

This place was also crowded.

Riding along Yasukuni shrine.

I stopped by a brasserie to buy bread, but

it was sold out.

A lined road with cherry blossom in my neighborhood.

Today I enjoyed much cherry blossom, and am admired there are so many places with cherry blossom in Tokyo.


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