Friday, February 20, 2015

Ski day 38 at HappoOne

An evil activity in a weekday.

38th day for this ski season, 33 days for powder, 12 days for backcountry, telemark for 4 days
HappoOne 8:15-9:35
Official Snow fall 30cm, Sarukura 6H 19cm

Today the pretty much snow fall was expected. I searched some data on web sites and decided to go to HappoOne.

Good snow depth on my car.

I got a good position at the Gondola lift.

The bumps at Usagi were not covered enough.

Sodeguro was really good, though.

I expected some good condition on Usagi but the bumps were not covered enough.

I found a patrol guy skiing down on Kurobishi before it was opened. The line was not the end of the course but the good line for descending. I don't understand this behavior.
The duty of the patrol is to check the safety, and they are not supposed to go down such good lines but keep them for guests.
I know the patrols in Cortina or Charmant were doing their duties without descending on such good lines. Happo patrols have to learn it!

Now I go to Skyline.

The chairlift was not opened yet and I went down on KitaOne to Gondola lift.

Then I got two runs and the powder was gone.

Beautiful morning with the morning light.

I skipped my breakfast and went to Sounds Like Cafe for the late breakfast.

This menu is usually finished at lunch time.

I went home and finished some work, but I came back to the resort as the morning runs were not enough exercise.

HappoOne 13:40-16:00
Gear: Pocket Rocket(Telemark)+GARMONT ENER-G

Alpen quad. It is foggy up there.

I could not see anything.

I regret to come here.

I wanted to have a coffee break, but

The seats were full despite of the weekday.

I tended to leave quickly, but the visibility recovered in Panorama.
Then I enjoyed some runs.

There is much snow in this year.

Kokusai #3 chair lift is hanging in the higher place.
I have visited in HappoOne for many many years but I have never seen this signboard at this lift.

Enjoying good runs in the afternoon.


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