Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ski day 36 at Happo

Unbelievable deep powder.

36th day for this ski season, 32 days for powder, 12 days for backcountry, telemark for 3 days
HappoOne 8:05-9:50
Official Snow fall -cm, Sarukura 6H 21cm

We should not complain during the consequent powder days, but we would rather run in the deep powder snow than the packed high-speed powder snow.

Here it comes, the deep powder. We got it on the car.

We aimed the steep slope with the deep snow to Happo-One.

Today the gondola lift was crowded.

Alpen Quad operation was delayed in 20 minutes while it was supposed to start at 7:45.

We know they have to check due to the snow condition, but they might be able to give some extra effort for the punctual operation. Otherwise if they are not able to start at 7:45 somehow, they may be able to set the time at 8:15 or so.
If the start time would be fixed and reliable, we would be able to leave the skies and go to washroom, and even wait in a warm place.

To force guest to wait in the cold air, that's how Happo-One does.

We got no tracks in Tanuki.

Nice deep powder for a long time.
It's a shame that Happo-One has good slopes despite of worst services.

There is too much snow under Alpen Quad and the ski tips touch if you don't watch.

They would say the operation was delayed due to the safety check, but they didn't actually.

We went to Kurobishi for the next.

Then moved to Skyline

and Kita-One.

The snow in the lower side made us slowed down due to the warm temperature.

The Skyline lift was closed due to the wind and we had to go back to the gondola station.

The cue was really long.

Then we went to Kokusai ridge twice but the powder was gone.

My powder mates finished the day, but I went for the sampling ride.
Happo-One 10:45-13:00

The first one I rode was Volkl THREE, the powder riding again.
This skies are really evil, with 186cm length, top width 150mm, center width 135mm.

Nice riding on the rough powder. Nice to have them.

The next one is very orthodox, a famous OGASAKA KEO'S KS-RV.

The ride was very stable even on the rough terrain.
I realized the spec that many people trust.

The next one is ROSSIGNOL D-GAMMA.
The skies are really light.

It is as light as BanYa Craft, but it was too light for the stable riding.
I want more stable one in the ski resort.

The next one is DYNASTAR CR70DEMO.
It becomes less visible and windy up there.

This ski was stable for the straight riding, but I needed to press hard to turn on the rough terrain.
I was exhausted after the ride.

The last one was HEAD i-magnum SUPER SHAPE.
I am actually using the older type.

Nakiyama triple lift was crowded due to the upper lifts closed.

I enjoyed the quick responding on i-magnum.
The impression is just same as mine, but I found the potentiality with this ski after riding on the rough terrain.
I would buy if I would find a good one, but I will keep the one for a while.

I wanted to try more, but the time is up.
I did not bring my own ski, and I had to finish the day.

The morning powder ride and the sampling ride brought a joyful day.


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