Sunday, November 09, 2014

Cycling-Day 18-Tama River(59.6km)

Short ride after the rain.

Day 18, 153days for cycling, total distance 11,338.8km, total climb 157,401m
Tama River 12:39-15:26
Distance today 59.6km, climb 210m, duration 2:47, avg speed 21.4km/h, burned 1,415kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

The weather was not good on Saturday, and it was raining in the morning on Sunday.
Now finally the rain stopped, and some sun light comes.

It is already in the afternoon, but I got a short ride.

Marukobashi bridge.

However the weather does not look stable, and I won't go further.

At Marukobashi bridge there was an event of a ferry boat, which was on service in Edo era.
I wanted to get on, but there was a long cue for it.

I gave up and kept riding to the North.

I came to Yotsuyabashi bridge,

And I found the building is still vacant. This place used to have a Seven-Eleven, and it was literally "convenient" as an aid station for riding.
Today I started returning from here.

The leaves are little colored along the Tama Cycling road.

I bought cakes on the way back.

It was short, but I rode even for 60km during the rain fall.


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