Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cycling-Day 16-Otari(48.8km)

Soba noodle journey for 40km.
Day 16, 151days for cycling, total distance 11,120.2km, total climb 156,418m
Otari 12:26-15:33
Distance today 48.8km, climb 1,558m, duration 2:22, avg speed 20.5km/h, burned 1,149kcal
Today's route

Pretty good weather.

Hakuba summits are covered with clouds.

Today I aimed to eat Soba noodle to Hotaru, a reastaurant in Otari.

Colored leaves in Mt. Onagi look good.

I enjoyed riding with the nice view of colored leaves to Hotaru, but

There was a long long cue.

People were waiting out of the restaurant.
I was told 13 parties were waiting for and it would take more than 1 hour to wait.
I gave up to eat here, although I ran for more than 20km for this place.

Energized at a convenience store.

Colored leaves in Mt. Iwatake look good, though.

There was a Soba noodle fair in Iwatake.

I noticed these banners on the way to Hotaru, and I kept running to eat there.
Now I realized it was the destiny to go to the fair.

The site was not so busy and I could go in quickly.

I am now happy to eat Soba noodle.

Colored leaves in Iwatake and Mt. Shirouma.

It was a short ride, but nice ride with Soba noodle.


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