Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cycling-Day 16-Otari(48.8km)

Soba noodle journey for 40km.
Day 16, 151days for cycling, total distance 11,120.2km, total climb 156,418m
Otari 12:26-15:33
Distance today 48.8km, climb 1,558m, duration 2:22, avg speed 20.5km/h, burned 1,149kcal
Today's route

Pretty good weather.

Hakuba summits are covered with clouds.

Today I aimed to eat Soba noodle to Hotaru, a reastaurant in Otari.

Colored leaves in Mt. Onagi look good.

I enjoyed riding with the nice view of colored leaves to Hotaru, but

There was a long long cue.

People were waiting out of the restaurant.
I was told 13 parties were waiting for and it would take more than 1 hour to wait.
I gave up to eat here, although I ran for more than 20km for this place.

Energized at a convenience store.

Colored leaves in Mt. Iwatake look good, though.

There was a Soba noodle fair in Iwatake.

I noticed these banners on the way to Hotaru, and I kept running to eat there.
Now I realized it was the destiny to go to the fair.

The site was not so busy and I could go in quickly.

I am now happy to eat Soba noodle.

Colored leaves in Iwatake and Mt. Shirouma.

It was a short ride, but nice ride with Soba noodle.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cycling-Day 15-Matsumoto Castle(123.0km)

Running with the beautiful view of Northern Alpine mountains.

Day 15, 150days for cycling, total distance 11,071.3km, total climb 154,860m
Matsumoto Castle 9:43-17:06
Distance today 123.0km, climb 1,613m, duration 5:33, avg speed 22.1km/h, burned 2,981kcal

Colored leaves are coming down to Hakuba village.

Blue sky, nice to ride.

I would love to walk in mountains, but the ridge lines are already covered with the snow.

Lake Aoki. The mountains beyond the lake have colored trees.

Running along Takase River after Omachi.

The ridge line from Mt. Jonen to Mt. Cho beyond the bridge, where I walked.

The beautiful ridge of the Northern Alpine mountains.

Arrived at Matsumoto castle,

in 2 hours half, with taking photos.

Matsumoto castle and Mt. Cho and Mt. Jonen, where I walked a few weeks ago.

This view has not been changed for 500 years since Samurai era.

I went to a curry restaurant. This is my favorite, and actually I ran for 60km for this curry.

I enjoyed the very spicy one, as sweating does not matter today.

I stopped by Yohashira shrine to see colored leaves.

I also stopped by Bike Ranch on the way back.

Running home to see Hakuba summits ahead.

Running along Takase river.

Nice ride.

I went to Miasa coffee after it.

Nice autumn atmosphere.

The cafe was crowded and I sat on the terrace.

A machine was harvesting buckwheat on the hill.

Nice view of the approach to the cafe.

Now I go home. I am descending from here.

It was cold in the shade.

I am approaching to Hakuba after the bus stop "Toge" (A pass).

The sunset of Hakuba summits.
This looks similar when I came from Tokyo by bicycle.

I ended the running at the supermarket.

Good ride with the nice views and the colored leaves.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trekking-Day 13-Mt. Dainichi(13.9km)

Trekking from Murodo through Mt. Dainichi.

Day 13
Mt. Dainichi 6:44-13:43
Distance today 13.9km, climb 500m, duration 4:10, avg speed 3.3km/h, burned 413kcal
Today's route
Continued from Trekking-Day 12-Tateyama/Bessan(6.6km)

CAUTION! The duration in this article is due to my experiences and physical strength, and much shorter than the standard course time. Please plan by yourself considering your own experiences and physical strength when you plan to walk the course.

We woke up at 5am. It was still dark, but the sky was getting lighter.

I felt a little cold in the morning, but generally comfortable to sleep.

The sun light comes onto Mt. Oku-Dainichi.

Left the camp site at 6:44.

The sun rises over the ridge line.

The morning comes to Tateyama.

The trail from Murodo Nokkoshi to Mt. Oku-Dainichi.

Nice trail.

Deep deep valley of Tateyama.

Arrived at 8:10 at Mt. Oku-Dainichi.

We arrived in 1 hour half while the standard duration was 2 hours half.

We look down Toyama plain far away.

Mt. Yarigatake and Hotaka summits.

I look at this side from Tateyama when I ski,

and now I look at Tateyama from this side.

We started walking to Mt. Dainichi.

The rocks on the right hand look like an old European castle in the middle age.

It reminds me Les Baux where I visited last summer.

Dainichi hut is down there.

Arrived at 9:30 at Dainichi hut.

We arrived in 1 hour while the standard duration is 2 hours.

We quickly went to the peak of Mt. Dainichi.

The view is perfect, but,

there were lots of bugs. The black point in the middle of the photo is also a bug.

Mt. Tsurugi. This will be the last chance to see while we have seen all the way.

And the ridge line from Mt. Shirouma to Mt. Shozu.

I walked all the way three weeks ago.

We left at 10:12.

We saw Dainichi-Daira hut down there.

It is still far down.

We keep going down.

We reached to Dainichi-Daira field.
Looking back at Mt. Dainichi.

Walking on the board walk through the beautiful field.

The atmosphere looks similar to Kumonotaira, where we visited last summer.

Arrived at Dainihi-Daira hut at 11:30.

arrived in 1 hour 20 minutes, while the standard duration is 1 hour 50 minutes.

Colored leaves.

We expected full of colored leaves, but not so much.

Fudo-taki fall from the backyard of the hut.

We left the hut at 12pm.

This area has been registered under the Ramsar Convention in 2012, and the board walk is brand-new.

Beautiful colored rowan trees.

The colored trees were better in the lower area.

The trail goes down after the board walk ends.

The trail was annoying though.

We came down almost to the bottom.

We hear the sound of the fall.

Finally the river on the bottom came to our sight.

End of the trail at 13:10.

1 hour 10 minutes while the standard duration is 2 hours.

We go and see Shomyo falls.

We could see it far from an access bus to Tateyama, but it was very much short time.

I look forward to seeing it closer.

It is magnificent in closer sight.

Beautiful colored trees on the top of the fall.
We enjoyed the view.

Arrived at the bus stop at 13:43.

We came back to Tateyama station in 15 minutes ride.

The whole trip was in 30 hours, but it had pretty much.

Chinese dinner after we came back to Hakuba.

Today we can eat much after the long walk.

This trip should be my last trekking in the season.
The earlier days were not good due to the weather, but later days were very good.
Thanks for the good season.