Monday, September 15, 2014

MTB-Day 1-Minekata(6.3/213.2km)

MTB riding after a long time.

Day 1, 19days for MTB cycling, total distance 213.2km, total climb 5,345m
Minekata 10:29-11:16
Distance today 6.3km, climb 96m, duration 11:23, avg speed 8.1km/h, burned 187kcal
Gear: bis mojo HD

We were thinking to go trekking today, but we could not woke up early.
We gave up trekking and chose riding on MTB.
The mountains were covered with thick clouds. We made the right choice.

We started from Minekata.

We could see Hakuba Three Summits, where we walked yesterday.

The riding was scarely after the blank.
Sooner I was adjusted.

The trail was wet and technical.

We tried an adventrous road.

After MTB riding we attempted riding a road bike,

but we expected some rain and we retired.

At the end of the day it did not rain.
We missed the riding opportunity.


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