Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cycling-Day 13-Tokyo Temple and Shrine(40.5km)

Day 13
148days for cycling, total distance 10,925.2km, total climb 152,148m
Tokyo Temple and Shrine 12:14-15:38
Distance today 40.5km, climb 545m, duration 2:21, avg speed 17.1km/h, burned 973kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Today's route

The trekking two days ago still affects on my muscles,  and I won't go far today.
I completely used up four-days-energy in the first two days for trekking, despite of the national holidays.

As the Japanese cultural courtesy, we have to return charms and amulets given from a temple or a shrine. I go and return them to there.

For the first I visited Meguro-Fudo. I live in neighborhood but I have never visited here.

I came to the gate four years ago but I could not go inside.

The signboard says this temple does not accept any charms or amulets issued by other temples.

The charms and amulets I have were issued by Koyasan-temple, and there is a branch in Shirokane.

Here is the Tokyo Branch of Koyasan temple.

I returned the charms and amulets successfully.

Just after the temple I met my high-school mate. The rejection of the charms at Meguro-Fudo takes me to the Koyasan-temple and I met him. I felt some fate led by the Buddha.

For the next I have to go to Yushima Shrine to return the charms issued there.

On the way I found the October Festival of German beer at Hibiya park.

I really regret the beer. Drink-and-ride is not allowed in Japan.

Yushima Shrine.

I returned the charms and the amulets.
Now the mission today is completed.

I went further a little.

Ikebukuro station.

After that I went to Okubo Korean town.

but the Korean restaurants were crowded and I could not eat.

Yoyogi Hachiman shrine had a festival.

Usually this place is very quiet but today it is busy.

Going to the South along Yamate-dori street and climbed up on Kamuro-zaka slope.

The sun light is milder. The sign of the autumn.

40km, a short ride.


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